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this set includes 3 house rubber stamps/2 tree rubber stamps.
make a village, town or city! (can be any seasons!) inspired by scandinavian countries.
every rubber stamp by talktothesun is hand drawn and hand carved. 

about 2.5cmX1.2cm (1inX0.47in) - tree stamp

check turnaround time from "shipping&policies" tab in the listing or shop announcement.

10mm thick soft rubber block // not mounted on handles or backings.
adding handles or backings is optional with extra cost.
>>> see materials for additional handle/backing www.etsy.com/listing/116487845/

ⓒtalktothesun. all right reserved.
personal use only / limited use only.

christmas, birthdays, weddings, thanksgiving, any occasions // working on art journals, diary // art projects for parents and teachers // scrapbooking // block printing // stamp on snail mails, envelopes, parcels, mailers, mail art // fun craft activities for children // decorate cards, gift tags, stickers, gift boxes, gift bags, thank you cards, gift wrapping paper // personalize paper cups, place mats, table clothes, coasters for birthday parties // personalize your plain school notebooks, book covers, letter pads, tote bags // create wedding, engagement personalized gifts // stamp on fabric, paper, cardboards, unglazed ceramics, wood, leather, glass, shrinking plastics, polymer clay, etc with suitable inks.

- nature, town > www.etsy.com/shop/talktothesun?section_id=11471946
- life, home > www.etsy.com/shop/talktothesun?section_id=5937995
- animals, people > www.etsy.com/shop/talktothesun?section_id=8130442
- patterns, shapes > www.etsy.com/shop/talktothesun?section_id=11509315
- diy, crafty > www.etsy.com/shop/talktothesun?section_id=10051323
- message, words > www.etsy.com/shop/talktothesun?section_id=10001920
- special days, holidays, birthdays, weddings > www.etsy.com/shop/talktothesun?section_id=18745261





Preguntas frecuentes sobre talktothesun

>> production time :
• 5-10 business days for regular hand carved rubber stamps
• 3-5 business days for textile, stationery, craft supplies
• 7-12 business days for custom made, personalized items

>> estimated delivery days :
(a) via registered mail (standard mail)
• usa / canada / australia / nz / europe : about 2-4 weeks
• asia : about 1-3 weeks
• rest of world : 4-6 weeks
(2) via EMS
• usa / canada / australia / nz / europe : about 5-12 days
• asia : about 5-7 days
• rest of world : about 3-4 weeks

• estimated delivery days are NOT guaranteed. it could take longer. we are not responsible for any delays caused by the customs, postal transits, weather or postal strikes in your country.
hand carved rubber stamp is made of soft rubber. please avoid heat, rough handling or harsh cleaning.
(1) store your stamps in a box away from heat and sunlight. clear plastic filing boxes or wooden box with paper lining or paper boxes are great for storing.
(2) always handle stamps gently. apply ink by pressing the ink pad onto the stamp. if you use water based paint instead of ink, use a sponge to dab the paint onto the stamp. Never rub the stamp on the ink pad or brush with coarse paint brushes – this will damage the stamp.
(1) the easiest way to clean your stamp is to wash gently in soapy water, rinse, and allow to air dry.
(2) if you prefer to use stamp cleaner or oil based make-up remover, apply gently with with the palms of your hands, soft tissue paper, makeup cotton pads/buds or soft kitchen paper towels. you could also use a kneaded eraser or stamp scrubber (with soft fluffy micro fiber). rinse with running water, or by dabbing the stamp gently with wet tissue paper. air dry.
(3) never rub, scrub or wipe your stamp – the friction will damage the surface.
(4) some stains will probably remain even after cleaning your stamp, as the rubber absorbs some ink. don’t worry – the staining is normal and won’t cause any problems next time you use your stamp.
some customers asked us before that they need a larger ink pad than rubber stamps. but it does not really matter. here is tips.
(1) place a rubber stamp on the table.
(2) hold your ink pad in your hand.
(3) tap the ink pad onto a rubber stamp lightly until you see the surface of a rubber stamp is covered with inks evenly.
• you do not have to press rubber stamps onto ink pads. you just need enough inks. so tapping ink pad onto a rubber stamp would be nicer as you can see which area of the stamp surface is inked and you can avoid putting too much inks. it always works better this way even with small stamps
• we have attached an example image in each listing how to put inks on large rubber stamp if an ink pad is smaller than the stamp.
(1) rubber stamps are not edible and cannot be used on food for hygiene reasons. keep them away from the reach of children as some stamps are very small.
(2) ink pads are non toxic and acid free. if you put the ink in the mouth accidentally, wipe it off by tissues or something like that as soon as possible. when children can gargle, make them rinse their mouth with water. If small children are not able to gargle, make them drink water or milk to dilute as much as possible. if they feel bad, consult a doctor.
ink pads do not contain dangerous substances such as heavy metals, we have no information about the change in the condition in case of ingestion by children with an allergy. keep our products out of reach of children in any cases.

winter street rubber stamps. house hand carved rubber stamps. scandinavian village town. christmas scrapbooking. card making. set of 5

24,24 €+
IVA incluido (cuando corresponda). 


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