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Mensaje de la tienda   For discounts and other offers, feel free to visit our official website at

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For discounts and other offers, feel free to visit our official website at


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Mamagama sells awesome maternity t-shirts for gorgeous, moody, broody, ice cream and pickle eating superstars.

The idea of a maternity store came to me one day while passing by a maternity store.
I was surprised by the sadness of the clothes displayed in the window shop.
‘’There should be something better out here”, I said to myself. I had a search online and the result wasn’t much better.

Together with different illustrators worldwide, we started to create funky, ironic, funny, cool maternity tees. We all come from artistic backgrounds, so it was rather easy and fun to make it happen.

“Mamagama” means “stuff for moms”. We liked it because it’s playful and it reflects the mood of the brand.

Our team is made of: Ralu Stroe (Owner, Maker), Veronica Sava (Fashion Designer), Oana Varlan (Model), Alex Daff (Advertising, Maker), Veronica Stroe (Finance), Andrej Fech (Shipping). All the photos were taken with the help of our friends from Carioca Studio.

Miembros de la tienda

  • Ralu

    Propietario, Creador, Atención al cliente

  • Veronica Sava

    Fashion Designer

  • Timba Smith


  • Iain Macarthur


  • William Chua Tiong


  • Greg Abbott


    Greg Abbott is an illustrator and designer from West Sussex, England. His work has been stocked in a number of retail stores including: Target, Land of Nod, Urban Outfitters and Hot Topic. Greg designed the Fishbowl Maternity Tshirt for Mamagama.

  • Jay Fleck


    Jay Fleck is a Shorewood, IL based designer and illustrator. His artwork has been featured on products at the GAP,, Jay Fleck is the illustrator and designer of The Superhero Maternity Tshirt by Mamagama

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