Wrought IRON Steel  Bracelet
Brushed sterling bangle with Amethyst
Silver twist bracelet Sterling cuff bracelet
One of kind Cuttlefish castings sterling on leather cord
Extra thick Wrought IRON Steel  Bracelet
Bronze Japanese Maple seed helicopter pod fairy wing earrings
Stag horn Hair Spear
Daisy flower bud earrings post style
Maple seed pod Helicopter hair pin Sterling silver hair spear comb Bridal
Vintage style swan Hair pins Wedding Hair Jewelry
Salt and pepper Druzy Sterling silver hair spear comb Drusy hair pin
3 pebble pendant Sterling beach stone necklace
Snowy Druzy sterling silver hair comb spear Drusy
Beach pebble in setting sterling silver necklace
Brass bangles two tone twig bracelets set of 8
Daisy flower bouquet ring sterling
Petite Daisy earrings post
Bronze jewel sterling ring
Bronze link bracelet
Wings money clip
Happiness Bracelet
Slender Leaf ring sterling
Oyster pearl earrings in Sterling
Oyster pearl necklace in Sterling
Oyster pearl necklace in Bronze