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Support the artistry of our Asian American and Pacific Islander community, who share their heritage through every one-of-a-kind creation.

Playful Stationery and Small Gifts From a Jar of Pickles

It’s all about the little things for designer Kirstie Wang, whose super-cute collection of boba plushies, corgi greeting cards, and smiling sushi stickers are a celebration of happy memories and Taiwanese heritage. “I feel a strong emotional connection when I see something that's part of my background and the way I grew up culturally, so that’s what I love designing,” Kirstie says.

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AAPI shops to discover

Brightly Patterned Paper Goods and Prints From My Darlin’

“I want to make the everyday moments a little more special, and bring some joy and wonder into people’s lives,” says India-born, Brooklyn-based graphic designer, Priyanka Batra. Popping with peppy patterns, clever color combos, and retro typography, her one-of-a-kind greeting cards and art prints add a healthy dose of magic to daily life.

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Meaningful Jewelry That Tells a Story From Everli

Each intricately crafted mountain ring and delicate Morse code necklace in Shuang Everett Li’s stunning collection is designed to inspire feelings of courage, confidence, and calm. “Early on, I decided my pieces would be more than just pretty,” Shuang explains of the symbolism behind her styles. “I want to make jewelry that means something to the person wearing it.”

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Handcrafted gifts

Exquisite Tahitian Pearl Jewelry From Te Hotu Mana

Authentic black pearls are the star of the show for Hawaii-based husband-and-wife duo Jonathan and Tevaihani Williams Dewilde, who select each iridescent gem for their dazzling accessories line straight from their homeland of Tahiti. “We started our brand as a means to share our cultural heritage and promote the beauty and diversity of our islands through wearable pieces of art," Tevaihani says.

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