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April's birthstone: diamond

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A Jewelry Lover’s Guide to Diamonds

For millennia, April’s famous birthstone has been considered “the king of gems” thanks to its remarkable strength and singular beauty. Read on for five of our favorite ways to sport the ultimate statement stone, and learn why you don’t need to be planning a wedding to get in on the fun.

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March's birthstone: aquamarine

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A Jewelry Lover’s Guide to Aquamarine

March’s mesmerizing birthstone has us dreaming about cloudless skies, calm blue seas, and endless jewelry options: Think boho pendants, personalized bangles, edgy earrings and more. Read on to discover five standout aquamarine designs and find the one that captivates you.

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Unique Birthstone Jewelry For Every Month

How much do you really know about your birthstone? Discover which sparkly specimen is associated with royalty, which is prized for its toughness, and which arrived on earth by hitching a ride on a meteorite, all in this fascinating guide to our favorite gems.

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