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February's birthstone: amethyst

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A Jewelry Lover’s Guide to Amethyst

From soothing shades of pale violet to dramatic pops of deep purple, amethysts boast a diverse array of eye-catching hues—so it’s no surprise they’re a crowd favorite when it comes to jewelry. Here, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite styles.

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January's birthstone: garnet

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A Jewelry Lover’s Guide to Garnet

Throughout history, cultures from the ancient Egyptians to the early Romans have considered this month’s birthstone a harbinger of good fortune—and in recent times, jewelry fans have prized the gem for its rich color and durability. But you don’t have to be a January baby to fall in love with this stunning stone—or to tap into those age-old lucky vibes. What are you waiting for?

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Gemstone Guide
Unique Birthstone Jewelry For Every Month

How much do you know about your birthstone—its properties, its provenance, its price? Discover which sparkly specimen is associated with royalty, which is prized for its toughness, and which arrived on earth by hitching a ride on a meteorite, all in this fascinating guide to our favorite gems.

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