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The 2022 Etsy Design Awards Finalists

The people have spoken! Your pick—and the other Etsy Design Award winners—will be announced in late July.

Home Decor & Lighting

Eye-catching accents that instantly elevate

Kitchen & Dining

Designs that transform tablescapes into fine art


The unparalleled pieces that shape our favorite space.


Meaningful rings and superb statement-makers

Clothing & Accessories

All the extraordinary items that make an incredible ensemble.

10 Uplifting, Colorful Finds From This Year’s Finalists

Playful pinks, lush greens, and dreamy sky blues? Don’t mind if we do! From cheerful checkered coasters to brightly patterned bucket hats, if there’s one thing this year’s Etsy Design Awards finalist lineup has taught us, it’s that a pleasing pop of color can do wonders for our mood. So in the spirit of spreading joy, we’ve rounded up 10 of the brightest designs of 2022.

Bring on the happy hues


Visual works with equal parts imagination, skill, and style

Weddings & Celebrations

These thoughtful party details add depth and delight.