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Playful Plush Toys and Cozy Knits From Colette Bream

Filled with a colorful assortment of snuggly stuffed animals, super-soft pillows, and adorable accessories, this Maryland-based maker’s imaginative collection of plush toys and gifts can be customized for kids, adults, and even pets. “When something brings you joy, there really isn't an age restriction on that,” Colette says.

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What can you buy for the kid who has everything?

Finding a gift for kids that they’ll actually use can be a challenge, but Etsy sellers are the best at creating fun, and unique gifts for kids of any age. From personalized clothing and backpacks to toys and quirky photo gifts, you’ll find all kinds of unique gifts for kids that they’ll love and use for years to come.

What are the best toys for kids by age?

Etsy sellers create all different kinds of unique and personalized gifts for kids of all ages, from custom name puzzles for youngsters to pajamas and custom story books for cozy nights in at all ages. Picks like personalized growth charts are fun for families with young children because they’ll enjoy it year after year. Handcrafted lunch bags are great ideas for school-age children, and older kids can express their personal style with custom and personalized T-shirts, hats, and more.