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The Etsy Edit with HAIM

In HAIM’s sunny California studio, unique and vintage pieces come together in perfect harmony. And now your favorite singing sisters are sharing what kind of pieces have their stylish seal of approval. From bold statements to eclectic accents, and even some items from the music gear marketplace Reverb, these finds will be a hit in any space.

Discover HAIM’s Eclectic Home Studio Makeover

Collectible, color-blocked wall art. Retro safari-style sling chairs. The coolest set of old-school Italian congas. Click through to discover the sisters’ favorite handmade and vintage finds from Etsy and Reverb and find a piece that speaks (or sings) to you—we’ve got your backstage pass.

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Eclectic accents

HAIM created a marvelous mashup of different styles.
“We wanted to surround ourselves with pieces that had a story—that’s what makes it feel like home."

Shop the look

Vintage treasures for anyone into the oldies.

Step into HAIM’s stylish studio


Eye-catching inspiration straight from the band.

HAIM’s Style Secrets

“It’s nice to feel like something you’re wearing has had a life of its own before you put it on. Since fashion is cyclical, there are always going to be vintage versions of pieces that are in style now. Instead of buying them new, it’s always more enjoyable, better for the environment, and frankly cooler to find a version that is used and give it a new life.”

- Este, Danielle, and Alana

Vintage looks

Clothes for your next jam session or hangout session—inspired by the sisters’ signature style.

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