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Handmade on Etsy

What Etsy Sellers can create with an idea and their own two hands is truly incredible.
Illustrated wallpaper from

“I paint everything by hand, and I’m very meticulous about the colors and how the pattern repeats. I want people to feel like they own a piece of artwork—when they go close, they can still see the individual brush strokes.”

Sian Zeng of Sian Zeng

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Handmade jewelry

Artisan Fine Jewelry from

“The diamonds I use are mined ethically and sustainably in the Canadian Arctic. Not only are they conflict-free, they’re also cut by people who are paid fair wages and aren’t working in unhealthy conditions.”

Valerie Madison of LilyEmme Jewelry

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Handmade fashion

Refined Leather Accessories from

“I design my pieces to be simple, clean, and timeless. My wallets are all hand-stitched using the traditional saddle-stitch method, which is known for its strength and durability. Everything is built to last.”

Kingsley Thompson of Kingsley Leather

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Handmade for weddings

Bespoke Bridal Gowns from

“I remember every custom design I’ve made—all the details of the work and the names of the customers. I prefer creating my own unique patterns to using ready-made ones: It gives me endless possibilities.”

Maria Kolomoiets of Sumarokova Atelier

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Quality Kids' Caps from

“You can feel the difference right away when it comes to our materials and finishes. We use natural fibers and our hat bands are really cushiony and soft. Not all kids are standard sizes, so we make an elastic style that helps keep hats snug yet allows for some wiggle room as kids grow.”

Kisha Velazquez of Junior Baby Hatter

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Hand-Spun Yarn from

“I raise sheep every year. I think it’s important for a spinner to be part of the process: to see a lamb jumping two days after it’s born, to shear a sheep and wash the wool. I like to work with fibers from different breeds of sheep—each one has its own character.”

Greta Silva of Knitting Revolution

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