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Home decor roundup

Want to fill your home with handcrafted pieces from small business owners? We’ve got some experts who are here to share the Etsy items that’ll bring a smile to your face—no matter your style or budget.

Worthy of a master craftsman

Meet Mike Montgomery aka @modernbuilds “I build one-of-a-kind pieces and projects for my home all the time. Etsy is the best place to get high quality, unique items from people with skills that are different than mine!”

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Decor picks from @modernbuilds

A fashion-forward approach

Meet Ryan Clark aka @ryanstylesnyc “I just started using Etsy for home decor, but I love how unique and original the design pieces are. I've always been a fan of handmade decor and Etsy is the holy grail for these types of things.”

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Decor picks from @ryanstylesnyc

Dial up your style

Meet Anthony Urbano aka @oh_anthonio “I love that I can message a seller if I want to customize my piece and work with them to create the perfect item for my space.”

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Decor picks from @oh_anthonio

Designers know best

Meet Ben Uyeda aka @benjaminuyeda “Life is too short and the world too full of interesting, uniquely designed things to settle for mass produced generic stuff. When I have guests visit, I want them to see new objects with familiar functions but an aesthetic twist: Handmade, small batch creations from Etsy allow me to do just that.”

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Decor picks from @benjaminuyeda

For more interesting interiors

Meet Will Taylor aka @brightbazaar “I often find inspiration from traveling. The great thing about Etsy is I can find inspiration from across the world, and shop said inspirations, right from the comfort of my home!”

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Decor picks from @brightbazaar

The suavest of spaces

Meet Steven Onoja aka @stevenonoja “It's important for me to support small businesses. There are often sustainable shopping alternatives on Etsy that make a positive impact on the local economy.”

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Decor picks from @stevenonoja

Thoughts from a first-class foodie

Meet Gabriele Bertaccini aka @chefgabebertaccini “Art, music, history but mostly traveling around the world are main forms of inspiration for both my home designs as well as the food I create as a Chef.”

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Decor picks from @chefgabebertaccini

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