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Minimalist Wooden Home Decor From TheCraftySwirl

Whether you've recently relocated or you're renovating, a custom two-tone shelf, magazine rack, or breakfast tray from LA-based woodworker Ilana Mayes adds instant visual interest to a space. “If you feel energized and creative within your home, it translates into every aspect of your life,” Ilana says.

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5 Standout Furniture Sellers to Discover Today

Whether it’s an ample and inviting dining table, an eye-catching shelf, or a comfy chair, finding the perfect piece to complete a room is no small triumph. And it’s all the more rewarding when that winning item has a story behind it: a history embedded in its craftsmanship, or a maker who’s poured their soul into its construction. Read on to meet five of our current favorite furniture crafters and curators.

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