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    Find pet-approved gifts

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    We may not deserve pets, but they definitely deserve the world—and that includes special gifts made just for them. Check out these picks that’ll solidify their status as top dog (or cat) of the family.

    Find pet-approved gifts

    Learn More About Gifts for Pets

    Whether you’re shopping for a pet or looking for a gift for pet lovers, Etsy has unique pet gifts galore. Custom pet gifts featuring your pets likeness or their name are a unique gift idea. Consider personalized pet accessories like pet bowls and leash and collar sets that feature the animal’s name. Excellent for both cat lovers and dog lovers, custom holiday ornaments featuring a furry friend’s name and face are a unique pet gift for owners you can give year-round. 

    Discover fun gifts for dog lovers including handmade balls or tug rope toys for pooches that Fido will love to play with. If you’re shopping for gifts for cat lovers, Etsy has custom-made cat toys, adorable handmade collars, and luxurious cat condos and climbing trees that feel like fine furniture.

    Good gifts for pet lovers often feature their four-legged friend’s face or name. You’ll find all kinds of pet lover gifts on Etsy, including:

    • 3D pet pillows shaped like their cat or dog

    • Coffee mugs printed with their pet’s silhouette, paw print, or name

    • Fridge magnets sporting a custom pet illustration

    Pet parents can keep their animal companion’s likeness with them everywhere they go with a wearable gift, too. Custom pet jewelry and keychains featuring their pet’s face engraved into metal, acrylic, or leather are a good gift for pet lovers.  Explore more pet gift inspiration for their pet of choice with our guides to gifts chosen by real pet lovers and gifts for cat lovers.

    Losing a pet is never easy. A pet loss gift can help you express your condolences to a pet owner. Look for meaningful pet memorial gifts on Etsy like:

    • Rainbow bridge suncatchers: Keep the memory of beloved pets who have crossed the rainbow bridge close to your heart with a rainbow bridge suncatcher that will cast exquisite light into any room. 

    • Black and white sketched portraits: With these personalized pet gifts, artists on Etsy capture a pet’s essence in a timeless black and white sketch, creating a hand-drawn work of art to showcase the love between a pet and their human companion. 

    • Pet ashes gifts: Etsy sellers thoughtfully create different ways for pet parents to contain their pet’s ashes like heart-shaped jewelry charms and custom pet urns.