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Hispanic Heritage Month

Join us in celebrating the culture and creativity of Hispanic, Latino, Latina, and Latinx makers.

“Some of the phrases I use are words of encouragement I hear from my immigrant parents all the time. I also use Spanish affirmations I wish I would’ve told myself more growing up!”

— Sara Martinez, designer for Hello Sarita

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“A customer reached out and said, ‘Thank you for embracing your culture and representing us.’ The ‘us’ is so important because we always want this brand to feel like it belongs to the community.”

— Jen Serrano and Veronica Vasquez, creators for Jen Zeano Designs

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“Mexico is a very colorful and vibrant country, and I feel that can sometimes be overlooked. It’s part of the reason why I love using bright colors on all of my pieces.”

— Karla María Cabido, artist for Karmita Creative

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“It’s a challenge seeing all the possibilities available out there. I’d love to create a path for fellow Puerto Rican and Latinx makers that can inspire them to achieve their goals and dreams.”

— Aleishla López, designer and maker for Aleishla

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