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Meet Eric Wertz aka @bluecollarprep “Shopping on Etsy immediately makes the gift feel more special for some reason. You didn't get it at the mall, or at a retail chain, you got it from a place where thousands of shop owners are showcasing their talents and are passionate about what they do.”

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Meet Steven Onoja aka @stevenonoja “It's important for me to support small businesses. There are often sustainable shopping alternatives on Etsy that make a positive impact on the local economy.”

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Meet Jacob Moon aka @moonmountainman “Items that I find on Etsy are just too unique and different than the cookie cutter items that I find at big retailers. There are so many artists, creatives, craftsmen to choose from. It's pretty much a guarantee that I’ll find something that fits who I’m shopping for perfectly.”

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African Wax Print Ties and Accessories From GabeJade

Style-savvy gents will love mixing and matching the brightly patterned ties, pocket squares, and lapel pins from this made-to-order shop. “I wanted men to be able to add a bit of personality to their looks,” explains GabeJade owner Ade Ogbomo. “Everyone deserves to have a little splash of color.”

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