Sellers Assisting Sellers (TeamSASsy) - How to Find a Mentor

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Original Post

The Sellers Assisting Sellers Team is a team of volunteer advisers offering their time and energy to help new or struggling etsy sellers (or experienced sellers with tricky questions!).

Previously, lists of advisers were posted in this forum (and those older lists are now outdated), but up-to-date lists of mentors are now maintained on the team blog:

Advisers listed by area of expertise or shop type and technique:

Advisers listed by language and location:

You can find our team members by using these lists or by searching for “TeamSASsy” items using the etsy search bar.

WANT TO BECOME AN ADVISER? We welcome new team members!

**Keep an eye on the virtual labs schedule and/or the team blog for upcoming live critiques run by the Sellers Assisting Sellers team**
Team Blog (with lots of useful articles):
Etsy Labs:

Please note: The Sellers Assisting Sellers team does not work for, nor represent the opinions of, Etsy.

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Good morning!

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And a good afternoon to everyone! Bumping this up!

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giving this a bump. thank you so much for taking over the running of this team nicky! I know it is in good hands.

Posted at 2:55pm Apr 23, 2010 EDT

Thanks Anna! :) :)

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Marking this as its a very useful resource~!

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wonderful resource

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