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Original Post

I see sooo many just uber cool things on here and I would love to be able to comment on how cool something is instead of just favoriting or sending a convo.

It is hard to repost something someone says about my work without having to check, etc... but I think people like to hear what others think ...

Does this make sense?


Posted at 12:32pm Apr 29, 2010 EDT


would be good, i guess the option isnt provided though in case people use it for spamming etc

Posted at 12:38pm Apr 29, 2010 EDT

Yes, I have thought of that too. It would be nice to have a spot to just give a quick comment, like that item is so cool, or love your name, etc.

Posted at 12:47pm Apr 29, 2010 EDT

That's a great idea! I've often wished for that myself too

Posted at 12:51pm Apr 29, 2010 EDT

Like it!

Posted at 12:52pm Apr 29, 2010 EDT

GoTo says

I prefer the clean look of the site, I think comments would just clutter things up.

Posted at 1:12pm Apr 29, 2010 EDT

If you want to tell someone you like an item, just convo them and say so!

I don't think etsy wants to turn the site into a large public bulletin board.

Posted at 1:13pm Apr 29, 2010 EDT

eccolights says

Love the idea, but agree it could be used for spamming also...

Posted at 1:14pm Apr 29, 2010 EDT

I will start a thread for just that!

Posted at 1:15pm Apr 29, 2010 EDT

Etsy has anti-spamming staff that handles that. I think any serious etsier would realize getting their account yanked for spamming would keep them from using it frivolously. Convos are too much like email - I think it creates more of a commitment than a lot of buyers would be open to, but I think commenting on a listing would provide a means for them to say COOL without thinking they would be expected to buy something. Same for me, since I buy more and more from this site.

I still think it's a cool idea. If a spammer wants to take on my shop I'll just report them. I'm not going to let some nefarious and idiotic scammer keep me from setting up my etsy the way I want to.

Posted at 8:56am May 1, 2010 EDT