***THREADKILLER*** Win 2 Reusable Sandwich Bags

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Original Post

This is my first-ever giveaway, so we'll see how this goes.

Winner may select 2 reusable sandwich bags, winner's choice, out of 7 designs. View options here: www.etsy.com/shop/HarrietsHaven?section_id=6964673 This is a $14 value!!!

This thread must remain "dead" for a period of 24 hours with no further posts. I will then contact the winner through etsy convo.

Meanwhile, follow me on my blog and facebook to be the first to know about any future giveaways!

Posted at 1:10pm Jun 3, 2010 EDT


very cool! and i am the first poster again! woo-hoo!

Posted at 1:12pm Jun 3, 2010 EDT

Awesome, Yarn! Good luck!

Posted at 1:15pm Jun 3, 2010 EDT

lbilbs14 says

yes, i will play!

Posted at 2:07pm Jun 3, 2010 EDT

thanx harriet, u too!

Posted at 2:15pm Jun 3, 2010 EDT

:D :D :D

Posted at 2:15pm Jun 3, 2010 EDT

lbilbs14 says

maybe we get get the same folks to fight over our threads?

Posted at 2:19pm Jun 3, 2010 EDT

it is alot of the same crowd...

Posted at 2:19pm Jun 3, 2010 EDT

lbilbs14 says

do these always move so slow? mine is going pretty slow...

Posted at 2:21pm Jun 3, 2010 EDT

i don't think this one is moving slow at all. and sometimes they last for months! where is yours? i'll post!!!

Posted at 2:23pm Jun 3, 2010 EDT