1000 Sold! Thanks a lot Etsy!!!!

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Original Post

ILoveYoYo says

After two years I reached 1000 sales! What can I say big hurray!

With full time job and family life it was very hard for me. Everynight I went to bed at 10 and awake at 2-3 am! Sew until 8 and after leave for to go work! Weekends laundry, shopping, some time with my son, go to camping and swimming almost every weekend! one whole year passed like that. I even think to close my store a year ago (I had around 250 sales). Now when I look back I'm so happy that I didn't close my store.

Now I usually make custom yoyo's for wedding decorations and accessories. When a lot of people ask me "Oh what is it for?", my beloved customers use them to create beautiful pieces like LoveCharlie: www.etsy.com/listing/38484162/mattie-flapper-inspired-fascinator-by and my other beautiful hearted customers : www.flickr.com/photos/nakpunar/sets/72157605542663220/

I love them soo much! I am so glad that I got a lot of custom orders and I am so glad because of it. When they get married I feel so nervous like I'm getting married! After how was the wedding, how everybody like your decorations chats and small gossips! The best orders are definetly custom orders!

My boss (83 years old) decide to retire and after a while my work will be close. Now I try to figure out can I sell full time Etsy? I have two more store here and try to fill them for the season ( nakpunar.etsy.com and sunnyfunnycreations.etsy.com ) Please wish me luck!


Posted at 2:45pm Aug 20, 2010 EDT


I believe everything starts with a hint of belief. If you really believe and work hard for that, why not?
Best luck to you!

Posted at 2:51pm Aug 20, 2010 EDT

wow, congrats! We all work hard, don't we? It's time for a little reward!

Posted at 2:54pm Aug 20, 2010 EDT

ILoveYoYo says

Thank you very much Handcretivity and Simplychiclily! Yes believing is the main key. I like to sell my handworks a lot! I really hope I can work from home so I can stay at home with my son when I do what i like to do much and same time can help the family budget. I love Etsy! It's make me happy, what can I say more?

Posted at 2:59pm Aug 20, 2010 EDT


Posted at 3:03pm Aug 20, 2010 EDT

ILoveYoYo says

Thank you Dimblebijou!

Posted at 3:07pm Aug 20, 2010 EDT

ikabags says

Congrats !!!
Really very hard , I know !
Best luck your new way !

You know my history :) yes we are working hard but we are strong women , I am believing !
Hard but i love sewing I love designing and i love my friends here in etsy !

I am sure you too

Go , go go ..... non stop !

Posted at 3:30pm Aug 20, 2010 EDT

Congratualtions Nil!! I'm hoping to catch up to yoiu smoeday (about 655 to go : ) I'm so happy for your success!!! I'm also in the CIC team.

Posted at 6:05pm Aug 20, 2010 EDT

sesideco says

Congrats for your lovely news! More more more:)

Posted at 6:08pm Aug 20, 2010 EDT

First off What a beautiful shop!.. and Congratulations.. Im so happy to hear of a successful shop who earned every sale! Congratulations.. and I hope you can continue on.

Posted at 6:19pm Aug 20, 2010 EDT