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Original Post

MissElany says

January 2011 UK Silly Sale

We’re all getting ready for the Spring/Summer season so why not try and clear the decks? Why not join in with the January UK silly sale so we can all clear out those slow moving items, last season’s colours, discontinued lines and generally make our shops look great for 2011 while making a little money in the process.
The January UK silly sale will be taking place from 7pm Friday 14th January until 21st January 2011 and we’d like to get as many UKers involved as possible.

What is it?
A week of coordinated silly sale organised by CraftBritannia where we all pimp each others shops, drive sales and have fun doing it. We've got Amityuk's support and the silly sale will go out in one of the UK emails before the event

Sign Up for Etsy's Emails here:

How can I join in?

*Register your interest on this thread

*Reduce some of your items, how much you reduce them by is up to you, you could offer free shipping, a shop wide discount or just have a silly sale section of reduced items... it's all up to you

*Tag your sale items with “silly sale” and “UK”

*Make a silly sale treasury

*Blog the silly sale in advance

*Join us in the UK chat room on Friday the 14th from 7pm you'll find us in here on the day in a clearly marked chat room


*Pimp like crazy for the week, facebook, twitter, blog… Grab a megaphone and shout it from the rooftops!

Happy sales everyone, if you have questions please ask them here, I and others involved will be checking this thread regularly so make sure you check back to see if we've answered your questions.

Posted at 10:22am Jan 4, 2011 EST


MissElany says

Come on down all your UK etsy sellers and have fun the last one we all did was a great success for all that took part

Posted at 10:30am Jan 4, 2011 EST

DayzeeLove says

I would like to take part. I have made a Silly sale section and am starting to tag my sale items! :)

Posted at 10:37am Jan 4, 2011 EST

SixSkeins says

I'm in!

Posted at 10:37am Jan 4, 2011 EST

MissElany says

thats great if you could tag your items as soon as possible Amity is putting it in this week's email for us

Posted at 10:40am Jan 4, 2011 EST


count me in,i have a sale section in my shop!

Posted at 10:49am Jan 4, 2011 EST

MissElany says

TWINKKNITS dont forget to put UK and Silly Sale in your tags

Posted at 11:00am Jan 4, 2011 EST

I'm in - I can retag some of my sale items with Silly Sale

Posted at 11:15am Jan 4, 2011 EST

I'm in!! Sounds like fun :)

Posted at 11:17am Jan 4, 2011 EST

MissElany says

get your tags in asap as Amity is doing ane email push for us this week

Posted at 11:18am Jan 4, 2011 EST