2011 Home Decor Color Trends

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Original Post

One of my favorite home design blogs posted this today, and I thought I'd pass it on if it helps anyone with colors. Here's an excerpt:

Among other trends, IMM Cologne reports “the dominant color is a cold grey, accompanied by ash grey and black and brightened up with vibrant dashes of citrus yellow and mandarin orange. A light taupe mediates between grey and white and adds a little softness to the colour scale.” Also, back in December, Pantone had proclaimed Honeysuckle 2011 Color of the Year and the defining hue for Spring.

Here's a link to the full blog entry:


Posted at 6:56am Jan 17, 2011 EST


Thanks for posting this. I don't particularly care for the honeysuckle they chose. It's so pink. I thought honeysuckle was more of a peachy pink. Still not one of my favorites.

Posted at 7:01am Jan 17, 2011 EST

I love that they chose pink honeysuckle! I have a pink honeysuckle vine in my garden and it's divine. :)

Posted at 7:05am Jan 17, 2011 EST

Kathleen avatar
kts815 says

Thanks for posting this!

Posted at 7:05am Jan 17, 2011 EST

Great to see trends that work with my paintings! ;)
In fact, every year's trending color seems to work - how about that?

Posted at 8:56am Jan 17, 2011 EST

Nice, thanks!

Posted at 8:59am Jan 17, 2011 EST

rrizzart says

Really didn't thing I'd like the Honeysuckle because I'm not a pink person, but I just saw this treasury & it's really gorgeous! Check it out -

Posted at 9:03am Jan 17, 2011 EST

Well now I know why I see that honeysuckle color everywhere lately!! Very interesting!

Posted at 9:03am Jan 17, 2011 EST