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Handyann says

It's catching Doves Hee Hee!!

Posted at 2:55pm Sep 17, 2010 EDT

Beading4u says

Osda Sunalei nigadv, dohitsu?(Good morning everyone,how are you?) I just rolled my lazy booty out of bed. But I was real happy to see I had a sale.

Need to get my day started............Hugs 4 now......

Posted at 2:55pm Sep 17, 2010 EDT

KB either way you get it out there, I appreciate the dedication it takes to write a book. Have known several writers and it takes alot to get it to print.

Posted at 2:57pm Sep 17, 2010 EDT

Handyann says

Off to do some tiny beading with my new 15/0 stash - this could take some time.....

Lurlin' on the side

Posted at 2:57pm Sep 17, 2010 EDT

congratulations Bead4u that is something to wake up for!

Posted at 2:58pm Sep 17, 2010 EDT

HandyAnn -

Stabilitus stabiliter intra instabilitatem instabilientem...

Posted at 3:00pm Sep 17, 2010 EDT

ohclaudia says

Love the note cards, Doves!!

Posted at 3:09pm Sep 17, 2010 EDT

1eggman says

Lot of chattering going on here, anybody working?

Congratulation Handyann, I knew you'd get that job. Just hope everything goes right and it goes smoothly.

Osiyo KB, Dohitsu? Hope you come up with a decision on your book, my choice would be Hard Copy.

Good way to start the day, Beads4u, always a great way to wake up. Really gets your day started right.

Errands are done and just cleaning the pool to close it for the cold weather. A lot of trees here are already bare and acorns are falling like crazy, a lot of them still green.

Checking mail, person who asked about the wedding egg didn't like my price, wanted to spend less then $20.00, but I do have a sale from a steady customer. Need to go lay that egg out, they need it for next weekend.


Posted at 3:13pm Sep 17, 2010 EDT

Congrats Beading on the sale!!

I just finished getting my house straightened, and am ready for the weekend. Right after I mopped hubby came strolling in. I mentioned to him that his timing was perfect as the floor was not yet dry. He apologized and then walked BACK across the wet floor and left.

No words

In honor of Shameless Self Promotion Day:

Posted at 3:16pm Sep 17, 2010 EDT

ohclaudia says

Handy, only bad thing about 15's is they don't all fit on your needle, and if you have to go thru the same bead a couple times... I've had many a size 15 bead break on me. Choose the ones with the biggest holes.

Here's an example of my use of size 15's where I have had to go thru the bead a couple times (SSP):

Posted at 3:17pm Sep 17, 2010 EDT