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i havent started the list yet. :(

Posted at 5:35pm Dec 28, 2010 EST

************* TUESDAY PROMOTIONAL FRENZY *************

Add one item to the bottom of the list that you want extra exposure too. ONE ITEM.
Promote each item at 9pm EST (etsy time). If you can't be here at 9pm then promote it throughout the day when you can please.

*** PLEASE MAKE SURE TO COPY THE MOST RECENT LIST, so that no one is left off!!

For information on how to use Stumbleupon, Kaboodle or what exactly a frenzy is go here:

galla15 - Crystal Rivoli Bling Ring


CrochetedbyCharlene – Brown Hat and Scarf

Sea Flower Studios - Timeless Beauty Necklace

AngelasPaperArt - grapes card

Tyss- Vintage earrings

jQjewelrydesigns - February Birthstone Bracelet

thechristmascorner - Valentine Coasters 1

SunnyCrystals - Winter Sale Beautiful Brown Goldstone Chip Necklace

Angelsneverlastings - This would make a great valentines gift:

SweetandSassyCards - Custom place cards and table numbers

Toddletags - chocolate and teal bag tag

laurali - Maltipoo Pendant:

BijiBijoux - Blue Cats Eye Bracelet

ViveLaFeteJewels -- FREE SHIPPING Handmade Hammered Circle Ring with Swarovski White Pearl Sterling Silver Necklace

charmeddesign1012- Silk Ribbon Wrap with Silver Twig

Greenhouse Glassworks - Votive Candle Holder

SabtiDesigns - Creamy Beige glass pearl bracelet

Crimson Hill Soaps - Valentine's Day Heart Soap Gift Set

Hogans' Handiwork - Multicolor Lace Cowl

Linda B's Jewelry - Bird's Nest Necklace

Cool Kid Designs-Dark Blue Bifold Wallet-Baroque Stripe

NewCreatioNZ - African animal aceos

Glitterbird Glamour Clearance Sale

Bounty Of Beads - 6 Piece Golden Pearl and Copper Bead Dangle Drop Set

marcene - 3 piece jewelry Set

Petite Hermine - Coffee Espresso Bean Necklace

Sewinggranny - 3 piece potholder, hot pad set:

Posted at 5:39pm Dec 28, 2010 EST

Angela....those are neat... remember playing with paper dolls when I was a young was a long time ago and I would have loved those, I think that is what they are meant for right?

Posted at 5:43pm Dec 28, 2010 EST

sewing, I'm not sure yet. lol I might do that and make some sort of doll or just sell them for people to use as they with, like scrap booking and card making.

I sort of wanted to see what people's feedback was before putting too much time into it.

Posted at 5:45pm Dec 28, 2010 EST

oops i meant as they wish

Posted at 5:45pm Dec 28, 2010 EST

whew kaboodled everybody : )

Posted at 5:49pm Dec 28, 2010 EST

Never thought of scrapbooking!!! Good idea.

Posted at 5:49pm Dec 28, 2010 EST

hi sassy

Posted at 5:49pm Dec 28, 2010 EST

maisymakes says

January Sale


Buy 2 items, get the cheapest free!

All items included - Limited time only :)

Posted at 5:49pm Dec 28, 2010 EST

or are you sweet today. lol i like sassy better

Posted at 5:49pm Dec 28, 2010 EST