Does accepting paypal mean accepting credit cards too?

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Original Post

I'm confused by something in the way the shops layout payment information:

I have marked my items to accept paypal orders only, but was informed by a frustrated would-be-buyer that she had spent an hour trying to purchase an item from my etsy shop but got stuck at the part where it says
"You may pay for this item using the following methods:

• PayPal / Credit Card"
(and then theres all the little pictures of Visa, Mastercard, Discover, etc)

So evidently she spent an hour trying to get it to take her mastercard and couldn't get it to go through. She'd never heard of Paypal and I couldn't get a more coherant description of the problem from her, but if I'm not taking Mastercard anyway, why is Etsy saying that buyers can pay with one? Or am I missing something here?

Can anyone shed some light on what was going on here?

I had to pull the items from my shop to sell to her outside of etsy, so to add to the extra work involved (and wondering how common are these failed sales due to folks not understanding what payment works), I can't get any of my sales to show up in my SOLD ITEMS when I end up selling them directly.

Also: Is there any way to combine shipping costs here? Right now, if someone wants to buy 2 items, they also can't go through etsy because etsy doesnt give an option for combined shipping and handling rates, the way, for example, ebay allows - unless I'm just missing where this is done. Thanks in advance for any help!

Posted at 12:43pm Jan 25, 2006 EST


beatgirl77 says

if you have a personal paypal account you have to upgrade to business or premiere to accept credit cards.

you have to send a paypal invoice in order to combine shipping. it's sent from the paypal site, not etsy. either that or you could just figure it out and change your listing before the person pays.

Posted at 12:47pm Jan 25, 2006 EST

So, since Etsy insists on putting the mastercard/visa symbols on the "accepted payments" section in my shop, (even though I only want paypal when I list the item) does that mean that in order to use this site I *have* to go upgrade my paypal account?
I would prefer to be able to say "paypal ONLY" through this site but etsy doesnt seem to give me the option to do that - is this correct?

sorry...I'm very confused!

Posted at 12:55pm Jan 25, 2006 EST

Yes, if you want to combine shipping, you must ask your client to buy, and select the pay option listed, but then don't actually make the payment.

Then, when you receive the transaction notices for the items, you create an invoice at paypal, and email it to them. OR, if your accepting checks etc. email them with your own combined invoice.

Posted at 12:55pm Jan 25, 2006 EST

I didnt mean yes to your post above mine...I hadnt seen your post yet, I meant yes to the post above that :D
I dont know what you mean about pay pal, because I have alwaya had a merchant account. its convenient and I only get charged a fee when someone uses it...its worht it.

I assume you mean, you want to accept pay pal but not credit cards...not sure about the answer to that.

Posted at 12:58pm Jan 25, 2006 EST

oreosmeow says

In order to accept payments on a regular, "seller" type basis, you need to have either a Premier or Business account through Paypal. It's in their user agreement -- personal accounts are not meant to be used to accept sales payments.

Posted at 1:02pm Jan 25, 2006 EST

oreosmeow says

And if you're using PayPal on eBay, you have to allow credit cards through PayPal -- they made that a rule a couple months ago.

Posted at 1:02pm Jan 25, 2006 EST

hmm.. I have a "Premier Account"...which appears to work that way...

so I guess what I'm confused by is why the buyer was having such a hard time. From what I'm seeing here, it would seem that the buyer wouldn't need to have a paypal account to be able to make such an order....

Posted at 1:11pm Jan 25, 2006 EST

You don't have to use Paypal. You could accept only money orders or personal checks. But you would really be limiting the number of potential customers.

Posted at 1:12pm Jan 25, 2006 EST

oreosmeow says

Maybe your buyer most likely needs to actually register with PayPal. I'm not entirely sure how it works these days, if you're not already a registered user.

If you've got a Premier account, then you're accepting credit cards already.

Posted at 1:18pm Jan 25, 2006 EST