home remedies for spider bites?

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Original Post

kateblack says

It itches! It itches!

And it's right on my shoulder blade where I can't reach it with either hand and I just broke my loofah-on-a-stick.

Posted at 10:33am Jun 27, 2006 EDT


I haven't tried this,but I just found this on a home remedies site for you.Hope it helps.

mix 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol with 4 aspirin, and when the aspirin is dissolved,rub it on the bites, either with cotton or fingertip, and it will make the bites stop itching.

Posted at 10:40am Jun 27, 2006 EDT


tee tree oil is my cure all for those kinds of things. works great on bug bites, to dry them out.

if it itches calamine lotion works

Posted at 10:41am Jun 27, 2006 EDT

eek, any idea what kind of spider may have bit you? (Im just hoping its not a brown recluse or anything)

I hear tea tree oil is great for so many things, all the time, let me know if it works! I think I need to add that to my medecine cabinet.

Sometimes rubbing alcohol on the bites helps a little (not like vodka, rubbing alcohol)... If you have the drinkable kind, that might help too if you drink enough (kidding).

Do you ever take antihistamines? They tend to knock some people out, but if all else fails that might helps too.

If it gets all red with rings around it, might I suggest the doctor or emergency room!


Posted at 10:53am Jun 27, 2006 EDT

Make a paste with meat tenderizer or baking soda with water. And the tea tree oil suggestions might work too, if you have any left from "the housesitting nightmare" ;)

Benedryl (or the equivalent) taken internally if you can stand the sleepiness, but it will get rid of most itchies. And yes, red rings means see a doc. We call that "the runaround", and it's no fun. Try not to scratch it if you can. Hope you feel better soon Kate.


Posted at 11:08am Jun 27, 2006 EDT

sugarlumps says

I hope it's a non-poisonous bite. I've been bit by brown recluse 3 times. It sux.

Baking soda paste. Yucky - but it works. Mix bs with water until the consistancy of peanut butter. Slather on. Let dry.

You can also use a slice of raw potato. Slice it about 1/4" thick & use medical tape or a large bandage to hold it in place. Let dry out.

Both of these act to draw the venom out. As they dry, they absorb it.

I prefer the potato on spider bites. It works like a champ.

Posted at 11:09am Jun 27, 2006 EDT

baking soda

but the one that is a constant in our lives in the summer is plantain. It is that broad leaved weed that takes over your lawn
preferrably use the younger leaves, as they tend to be more juicy. Chew or mush the leaves. The point is the get the liquid out of the leaves, then apply it to the bite. This works great for any itchy bite, or for wasp/bee stings (of course, make sure you get that bee stinger out first).

Posted at 11:30am Jun 27, 2006 EDT

kateblack says

Nancy, I can't scratch it if I try. :(

Thanks, everyone. I guess I'll be trying the baking soda, since that's what I have the most of on hand. If that doesn't work, I'll be out scratching up against a tree or fence a few blocks away.

Posted at 12:02pm Jun 27, 2006 EDT

oh god! just reading about spider bites gives me the heeby-jeebies!

Good luck Kate! Baking Soda is good for everything, it seems. Always good to have on hand.

Posted at 12:07pm Jun 27, 2006 EDT


I met this biker lady in the bar once who had a spider tatooed on her arm. I asked her if there was any significance to the tatoo, and she said, a spider had once laid eggs in her skin!!!! agghhhh!!!!!!

she said it got all huge and swollen, and I was really boozy, but I think she said they had to pop it, and there were zillions of baby spiders inside of it.!!!!!!!! aaaaaaahhhhhhhgggghhhh!

gahd. does that really happen? I am going to google it right now.

Posted at 12:14pm Jun 27, 2006 EDT

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