Anyone else contacted by Amy Butler?

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Original Post

Just wondering if anyone else was contacted by Amy Butler regarding the use of her fabrics for bags being sold. Apparently it is not allowed. You are only allowed to use the fabric for personal use. This is from their website...

You can make items for sale on a small scale, for example, from your home for a craft bazar. If you are purchasing the fabrics at retail cost, you can use them to make a few items. You can not "produce" items to sell in mass on a website or in a store, or for "wholesale" - manufacturing items to sell to retail shops, catalogs, or websites. For that, please refer to our guidelines listed below. If you are a home crafter, please use and enjoy our fabrics. Please note, this does not allow you to use Amy's sewing patterns to make finished goods for sale.

I was contacted this morning from one of their managers. I thought I would share this info, so others are aware that you are not allowed to use Amy Butler fabrics to make stuff for resale. Its a shame...the fabrics are beautiful...and now I have no reason to purchase their fabrics anymore...I thought I was ok because I was using my own patterns, but apparently not.

Anyone else have any info regarding this matter??? I feel like such a boob!


Posted at 11:28am Jul 31, 2006 EDT


Kymsart777 says

I'm sorry that happened, I don't use those fabrics although they are me this is a case of copyright gone stupid! Fabric is made for sewing! It is rediclous!!!

Posted at 11:31am Jul 31, 2006 EDT

amyd says

it is kind of silly. i guess she just wants to make sure no one thinks she is endorsing the products? but i knew that about her stuff..i think i saw soemone else had the same issue. her fabric is beautiful and it's a shame. you think she'd sell more fabric if she let it be ok!

Posted at 11:33am Jul 31, 2006 EDT

dottyral says

I'm not sure what you're doing wrong. You paid retail (I assume) and you're not selling in mass. Right? Is it that you can't sell on a website at all? That's not very clear.

Posted at 11:33am Jul 31, 2006 EDT

that is copyright gone mad, its stupid.

Posted at 11:35am Jul 31, 2006 EDT

I feel its silly too... I just got an email back from them that said I could sell what I have listed, but not to sell anymore. And yes, I paid retail, which is very expensive if you live in Canada and have to order everything from the USA!!! I believe you cannot sell on any website, kind of stupid if you ask me. But I'll just have to support some other designer and make sure I check their websites first.


Posted at 11:40am Jul 31, 2006 EDT

Heatherly says

Wow - that's crazy. That rule could be applied to just about anything - not just limited to fabrics! You'd think Amy Butler would be happy people are using her fabric!

Posted at 11:42am Jul 31, 2006 EDT

I cant understand why you can at craft bazars but not here, its a bit like an online craft bazar, cant you tell them that lol

Posted at 11:43am Jul 31, 2006 EDT

Yeah, what's the big deal if your not "mass producing" and what's the differneace between a craft fair and Etsy? I consider it an online craft fair of sorts.

Posted at 11:43am Jul 31, 2006 EDT

Opps! Sorry caledoniaquine I guess great minds think alike. :)

Posted at 11:43am Jul 31, 2006 EDT