When is Etsy going public?

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Original Post

kateblack says

I know, I know. Etsy's still in beta. But after talking it up to family and friends while I'm travelling, more than one person has asked me when Etsy stock will be available.

And frankly, I'd like to know too! Is this something that will ever happen? And if so, on the near or distant horizon?

I believe Etsy is going to be HUGE. Household name huge, and I would feel a lot better about tucking away for a retirement fund with investments in a company I believe in (and am part of!) than some crummy, ethically challenged major corporation.

Posted at 10:44am Feb 23, 2006 EST


Good question ... I've been wondering this, too! I think Etsy has an amazing future and I would like to invest in it.

Posted at 10:52am Feb 23, 2006 EST

eirene says

Funny. I was having that conversation with someone last night. They too wanted to know when Etsy was going public.

Posted at 10:52am Feb 23, 2006 EST

Er? Have the Etsy Admins even hinted at going public? I think it takes a long time for a company to be able to go public..they have some hoops to jump through before they can offer an IPO, I'm sure. I'm not financial wizard, but I'm sure there are all kinds of hurdles they have to attend to and that would take them away from the very arduous job of maintaining this site. I just hope they don't "offshore" the development once they get all rich and stuff. Which begs the question of who is running the financial helm of Etsy? Do you guys have the whole corporate thing going yet or are you still small and fiesty?

Posted at 11:01am Feb 23, 2006 EST

kateblack says

GirleyPurls, no, they haven't hinted at anything related to the financial future of Etsy. Hence my asking. ;)

I realize it's not something that is going to happen tomorrow, but there is demand, and I think there's a lot of recognition among users of the massive potential for this site. I mean, my strongest hope is that I'll be able to make more of my living here, making what I want to make (versus freelance or making things others want me to make), but I'd love to invest as well. And so would a bunch of people I've recently introduced to Etsy.

Posted at 11:07am Feb 23, 2006 EST

Knitspin says

The company has to have sale reaching a limit for the IPO. Also they have to have at least 5 years of history of financial stability. The New York Exchange looks at various part of the Business. But what I see, is that company that go to be public companies are companies that need the money to sustance themself. They need the shareholders money to get them out of debt. It is not just that you have a good product in order to go public. You also need to maintain a certain level of financial statements in order to become a public company. If they do decide to do it, it will probably take a while to process all the paperwork. I know I'm in an Investment club and we have to research every stock that we buy for the club and personaly.

Hope this answers some of your questions.


Posted at 11:14am Feb 23, 2006 EST

contrary says

wow, i do hope thhey would let us know first so we could invest...i too would love to buy stock in etsy, i beleive in the site and the jobs it has provided us artists who can't reach worldwide customers otherwise!

Posted at 11:18am Feb 23, 2006 EST

Well, all I can say is that we aren't *anywhere* near such a phase, but if we ever get there, we'll be sure to let you all know about it.

Posted at 11:32am Feb 23, 2006 EST

scfa says

Just incorporating is hard enough. :)

Posted at 11:42am Feb 23, 2006 EST

Great topic!

I was curious about this myself.

I too believe that Etsy has the potential to be huge. I know alot of sellers are doing their all to promote the site.

That said I am sure we would all be interested in investing in Etsy stock.

And wouldn't it be nice if we could buy it at the opening price :)

Posted at 2:53pm Feb 23, 2006 EST