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Original Post

Here's another Etsy Flickr pool: www.flickr.com/groups/pimpmyetsy/

The focus is to pimp the wares you purchased from fellow Etsyians on Flickr. It started in response to people having their accounts shut down for promoting their personal shops. As far as I can tell, promoting others is totally cool with Flickr's Terms of Use as you aren't making a profit from it.

Share the love and pimp!

Posted at 3:37pm Aug 11, 2006 EDT


Allan Curry avatar
Lollibomb says

Pimpin' ain't easy, but it sure is fun!'

I joined!

Posted at 3:40pm Aug 11, 2006 EDT

dejavu says

That's a great concept! Are the photos private or are there just none there yet?

I'm far too lazy to take pictures of things I have bought, but if I ask permission from the seller, maybe I could use pictures they used in their listing? Save them, then upload them to my own Flickr account to add to the group, would that be acceptable? I would *of course* ask the seller first, and give proper credit to them!!

Please tell me if there are any issues about this idea that I have not considered.

Posted at 3:57pm Aug 11, 2006 EDT


Posted at 3:59pm Aug 11, 2006 EDT

dejavu says

I think this is really cool but I'm not understanding why the pictures are not visible to people outside of the group? I just joined, and then I could see the pics. Before that, it said they weren't visible to me. Does everyone have their pictures marked as private? Sorry if this seems like a dumb question, I'm just not understanding why people wouldn't want them to show up to everyone.

Posted at 4:32pm Aug 11, 2006 EDT

BlackStar says

great idea WickedWestie. did someone actually email flickr and ask if this was kosher? I'm going to go sign up now.....

Posted at 4:37pm Aug 11, 2006 EDT


I'm not sure what the problem was as I made sure everything in the group pool was visible to the general public. I double-checked the settings just now and non-members should be able to see everything.

Posted at 2:03pm Aug 12, 2006 EDT

Are people supposed to post others items or their own? It looks a bit confusing. I haven't figured it out yet.

I posted a pick of something I would like to purchase eventually.


Posted at 3:29pm Aug 12, 2006 EDT

DB: The purpose of Pimp My Etsy is to promote other users on Etsy. The photo pool is not for personal promotion as that is against Flickr's Terms of Use.

Posted at 5:56pm Aug 12, 2006 EDT

dejavu says

I think it depends on how the people who post the pictures have them marked. If they are private then only family & friends can see them, but if they add them to a group, then people in the group can also see them. But not the general public.

When I go and look when I am not logged in, I can see 18 pictures, when I am logged in I can see 27. So some people do not have the pics marked as public but have chosen to share them with the group.

Posted at 8:18pm Aug 12, 2006 EDT