A Possible Solution to the Flickr Issue

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Original Post

olilodesigns avatar
olilodesigns says

So I've been trying to think of a solution with linking our stores from flickr. This may have been brought up but I was thinking what if we photoshoped our url's on the photo.

A lot of people do that to "copyright" thier stuff, so why couldn't we do that to "copyright" and direct people where to buy our things easier?

Just a thought, what do you all think?

Posted at 12:56pm Aug 14, 2006 EDT


libracreations avatar
libracreations says

I think your playing with fire where flickr is concerned. :( It's a good idea but it can backfire on you if the admins look at your photos. Although I don't know for sure, I am assuming that if URL's to our stores are not allowed that they would also frown on url's in the pictures.

Just my 2 cents. :)

Have a great day!


Posted at 1:02pm Aug 14, 2006 EDT

There's a flickr group designed for this purpose-


The idea is that if you pimp someone else's stuff you won't be violating Flickr's terms for service.

Also, i wouldn't risk 'shopping the url onto the photo. flickr is pretty strict..

Posted at 1:41pm Aug 14, 2006 EDT

gemmafactrix avatar
gemmafactrix says

I saw a good idea the other day. A seller linked to her own flickr profile, which doesn't violate any TOS. In her flickr profile she has her etsy shop url, which is also not in any violation of the TOS - when you fill out your profile, there is a field for this. This, I think, is the best way to do it. Underneath my photos I say 'Check out my flickr profile for more info on where to buy my work online!' I do like the first option better, and will likely switch to using that one soon.

Posted at 1:50pm Aug 14, 2006 EDT

redpolka says

Actually there are several groups on flickr that you can pimp your stuff.

Items for sale

For sale

Posted at 2:02pm Aug 14, 2006 EDT

redpolka, I think a lot of us are very wary of those specific groups now, since they appear to be in violation of the Terms of Use for Flickr.

This thread has a lot more detailed info an the 'no selling through your Flickr photostream' issue, if anyone is interested (or hasn't seen it yet):

Posted at 2:05pm Aug 14, 2006 EDT

BDesigns says

I have my store url in my profile. I'm flying pretty close to the flame re: flickr & album names, using my url as a watermark in my pics will only get me burned.

I'm 4th/5th on a google search, so I'm pretty easy to locate.

Posted at 2:19pm Aug 14, 2006 EDT

redpolka says

Stella, I've seen that post, but I thought the rule is as long as you don't post a link in your photo description you are fine. If you check out the photos in those "for sale" groups, no direct infor about selling and buying is given in the description part. So i guess that's why those groups still exist on flickr?

Posted at 2:21pm Aug 14, 2006 EDT

redpolka-- You may be correct.

I feel Flickr's Terms of Use are rather vague on the rules though. So I personally prefer to err on the side of caution. To each her own. :)

What we have learned from a few Etsy users' email correspondence with the Flickr Admin (as noted in the other long thread):
-- using 'etsy' as a tag is okay
-- linking to your Etsy shop in your Profile is okay
-- the 'Etsy.com Love' group is okay

And that's about as far as I am personally willing to push the issue. I love Flickr too much to risk getting my account deleted. :)

Posted at 3:22pm Aug 14, 2006 EDT

Kelliope says

Like Gemma said, I've also been putting links to my profile in the photo descriptions. And my profile links to Etsy.

Posted at 3:27pm Aug 14, 2006 EDT