a semi-epiphany on tags

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Original Post

dyno says

this just occurred to me. when using tags think macro to micro, as if you have to communicate the item to someone who can't see it using only single words.

for example, if you sell a sweater begin to describe the item by breaking it down from general to narrow:

sweater (item)
wool (material)
cardigan (type)
fine or thin (type of knit)
blue (color)
tan (color)
stripe (design)
medium (size)
fitted (style/fit)
classic (style)
feminine (style)
casual (occasion)
office (possible use)

that's 13 words. :)
maybe that's one way to approach it.

Posted at 10:48pm Aug 14, 2006 EDT


Great idea. I do soemething similar, but not to that detail..think I'll be doing some editing tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestions.

Posted at 10:58pm Aug 14, 2006 EDT

dmriceart says

I love it when you share your ideas! Great organizational tactic! and it covers all the bases! Yes!

Now... how to put all those words to Paintings ... hmmm... thinking! :O) !

Painting (item)
canvas (type)
impressionistic (type )
blue (color)
greens (color)
medium (size)
Original (style)
Diningroom (possible use)

Hey ... it almost worked! Cool!

Posted at 11:03pm Aug 14, 2006 EDT

SoCaliGirl says

Dyno, this is a great idea! Thank you for sharing it

Posted at 11:15pm Aug 14, 2006 EDT

This is indeed an excellent method for using tags -- especially since it fits perfectly with v2's new category system...

Posted at 11:17pm Aug 14, 2006 EDT

pequitobun says

trying with jewelry:

earrings (item)
vintage (material)
dangly (type)
pink (color)
red (color)
rock (design)
elegant (style/fit)
funky (style)
feminine (style)
night (occasion)
club (possible use)

Posted at 11:30pm Aug 14, 2006 EDT

ooh, I love this idea, as I struggle hugely to come up with tags. I do soldered pendants and charms for original acrylic collages, so I never know what to say.

Trying it:

Pendant (item)
glass (material)
canvas (type)
collage (type )
blue (color)
greens (color)
humor (design)
small (size)
Original (style)
Charm (possible use)
zipperpull(possible use)
keychain(possible use)

hmmm... I'll try it!

Posted at 11:47pm Aug 14, 2006 EDT

muchachak says

Awesome :)

Posted at 11:49pm Aug 14, 2006 EDT

ahna says

I just love a brilliant idea! Good thinking.

Posted at 12:08am Aug 15, 2006 EDT

Thanks Dyno, that makes it so much easier. It's a "recipe for tags". Throw it all in, mix it all up your good to go!!!

Posted at 12:34am Aug 15, 2006 EDT