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Giftbearer says

I'm in the process of designing a banner for my shop and have a hard time with the pixels. Does anybody know what 535 pixels wide by 77 pixels high corresponds to in inches?

I've run into this problem with another project I've been working on too. The banner has a border where my business name and description are located, so that should be easier to scale than the piece I was trying to size for the other project, but just need to know how many inches to make it in each direction.



Posted at 10:45pm Sep 28, 2005 EDT


if you would like to post the name of the program you are using o create your image, we can provide more specific help.:)

as far as pixels to inches, there's an issue there-

when images are made, they have varying levels of quality...usually called DPI- dots per inch in printing terms.

a photograph has very high dpi..a comic strip in a newspaper has very low dpi.

this translates, in compter terms, to the "resolution" of the image.. or, Pixels, per inch.

for example, a very high quality image could be 700 DPI, and still be only an inch square.

a low quality image might be 50 DPI..

so, to answer your question, we'd need to know the dpi, or, resolution you intend to use. it can vary wildly with each image program.

in most programs, there is an option to switch the "unit of measure" via a dropdown menu, from inches, to total pixels. if you do this, you'll get a much better sense of what your design will look like onscreen, and will have better control.

again, more help can be given, if we know what you're using to work with..:)

if need be, you can contact me via email, and i can do some free photoshop work to help you get your image to the right size, and looking good. :)


Posted at 11:56pm Sep 28, 2005 EDT

Giftbearer says

Thanks, I just sent you an e-mail. I wonder if anyone else is running into this with their software?

Jenny's banner came out beautifully.

Posted at 1:07am Sep 29, 2005 EDT

your email has not arrived to by noon, 9/29. (yes, i checked spam filter) :)

doublecheck, and porribly resend?

Posted at 12:50pm Sep 29, 2005 EDT

Giftbearer says


I'll go back over my sent mail and re-send it just in case. Let me know whether this one goes through.


Posted at 1:01am Sep 30, 2005 EDT

Giftbearer says

O.K. I found the problem. I must have been tired last night and left off the .com. Instead of being returned by postmaster it just didn't send even though it was in my "sent mail". I couldn't find it under your e-mail address when I did a search but when I put in all e-mails sent out yesterday I found it sitting there.

Oh, by the way, did you draw the raccoon yourself?

Posted at 1:14am Sep 30, 2005 EDT

*laughs* yes, all my stuff is hand drawn..:) usually with heavilly irish leanings..:)

i got your email, and replied to it. if you think it would be of use to others, feel free to post a copy of it here.

Posted at 10:07am Sep 30, 2005 EDT

Giftbearer says

Thanks. I worked on the banner today; in fact several possible ones but I haven't quite decided yet which version to use, as each one features a different aspect of my products.

I'm posting excerpts from the e-mail below in case anyone else might want to know the exact dimensions for the banner-size at ETSY. I think this might help people's sales.


**Since your scan was at 400 dpi, there are, 400 dots per inch. this is a high quality image, and is fine to use in most cases.

**there may be an issue with the image looking too "corrugated" at the tiny size of 55 pixels by 500, but, experimentation will help determine this.

**so, if we do some math, 200 pixels (also called dots) is half an inch in your scan,
100 pixels equates to a quarter of an inch,
the required 55 pixels height of the banner = just over 1/8th of an inch.

**The other dimension-535 for the banner width is 1 inch, 3/8ths at 400 DPI.

(One and 3/8 inches?)

now, imagine if you scanned your image at 50, not 400 dpi.

the math would work out to height= just over 1 inch, and width would be 5 and 1/2 inches..:)

as you can see, the DPI can change things dramatically.

** an image is an image, even if it's got "blank" size is always counted against you..:)

**- 400 dpi is high quality, and that statement makes sense. :) be aware, if you're doing really teeny tiny pictures (for banners and icons and things) you may need to use a lower dpi for things to look good. use trial and error to find out..:)

***etsy requires a perfectly square image. (referring to product thumbnails). Anything else gets cropped oddly..:) got me too, before i knew what was up..:)

Here is the operative phrase for folks out there as to the size specifications converted to inches;

**At 400 dpi, your banner will need to be 1/8th inch, by 1- 3/8ths inch to fit the etsy guidlines.

( 1/8 inch Tall by 1 and 3/8 inches Wide? Is that correct?

1/8 inch is very skinny. I think I might have misinterpreted and made mine 1 inch tall by 1 and 3/8 inches Wide. Will font get squashed and skewed at that tiny size if I try to reduce it further? It was doing so for me even in reducing it to a height of one inch, as there are no font sizes on my Publisher program smaller than 8. I had to push and pull manually as if I were making taffy, LOL).

**Also, all banners occupy the same "page space", so making your banner wider will do no good.:)

Posted at 7:50pm Sep 30, 2005 EDT