Dos and Don'ts for Self-Promoting.

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Original Post

kateblack says

- Wear/carry your work and welcome comments & questions.
- Carry business cards to give to those who express interest.
- Add your cards and fliers to bulletin boards you have permission to use.
- Talk to (relevant) shop and gallery owners about selling/displaying your work.
- Develop a website.
- Promote yourself in appropriate venues.
- Track where your sales come from so you can focus your energies where they're most effective.

- Flier windshields or shove business cards in places they don't belong -- it's littering, even if it's indoors. Someone has to clean it up.
- Talk about what jerks shop/gallery owners are if they choose not to carry your work. It might not be the right match, it might not be the right time.
- Act like the world owes you something without you doing a whole lot of thoughtful work to deserve it. (And even then...)


Posted at 11:17am Aug 29, 2006 EDT


Here! Here!
Great points!

Posted at 11:21am Aug 29, 2006 EDT

Hm... How about:

DON'T expect all your advertising to come for FREE.

DO consider buying ad space in local publications or banner ads on Web sites that hit your target audience.

Posted at 11:22am Aug 29, 2006 EDT

DO consider advertising to people who might not already be exposed to etsy.

DO realize that not everyone is your market - selectively choose how to use your advertising / marketing materials wisely.

Posted at 11:24am Aug 29, 2006 EDT

Do - love what you do, when you talk about it, you will naturally be excited, people love that.

Do - keep growing as an artist, take classes, network with other people that do similar work, chances are they buy things too!!

Don't think you're too cool for school, or that your "too good" to have to work at it.

Posted at 11:27am Aug 29, 2006 EDT

DON'T intentionally mispost promo threads in other etsy forums (ie: etc.) to gain more attention than a post in the promo area would

DON'T spam other sites' forums with etsy promotion (ie: blatantly using craftster or any other site for advertising and not much else)

Posted at 11:28am Aug 29, 2006 EDT

Hmm, only thing I can think of,

Do - give gifts of your work or of someone else's work from Etsy as gifts to people, and tell them where it comes from. And DO give them a wink, wink, nudge, nudge, and tell them to talk about it with everyone the know.

Basically everything I give to someone now comes from Etsy.

Posted at 11:33am Aug 29, 2006 EDT

Do - be original, be yourself, have whatever it is your doing be a representation of you. Even when you package things, send a couple extra biz cards and a little note.

Don't constantly beg for attention by asking "what am I doing wrong?", "Does my stuff suck"...that gets old real fast...

Posted at 11:33am Aug 29, 2006 EDT

DO - encourage friends and family to help you out by advertising your work through word of mouth

Posted at 11:37am Aug 29, 2006 EDT

kateblack says

DON'T copy people. What works for them SHOULDN'T work for you. Develop your own style.

Posted at 11:38am Aug 29, 2006 EDT