HTML in descriptions?

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Original Post

frenchie says

I've just been browsing a few shops and have seen a couple of pages where it seems that the seller used HTML in the description to play with text and add additional images.

Is this okay? I haven't seen anything that says "yes, you may use some HTML in your descriptions" or "no, you can't use HTML."

Posted at 3:25pm Oct 10, 2005 EDT


muchachak says

I had wondered about that before myself...I actually don't know if it's allowable but I think it's an interesting thing to do when Etsy has already given us a really great clean format for presenting our products...I actually saw one shop where the addition of the html made it really much harder to figure out what was going on with the seller's page! Doh!

Posted at 3:35pm Oct 10, 2005 EDT

JOYouz says

Hear! Hear! It starts looking like those *cough* dingbats who use 5,786 point type on that bay place. Okay, so that is a bit of an exaggeration but it might as well be that big. To me, it's like screeching chalk on a blackboard. I can't stand it and click it off immediately!

I absolutely love the clean and elegant design of Etsy. I was sold the first few minutes I found Etsy and knew immediately I wanted to be a part of it - just because of its fantastic design. Please, purty please with a big ole' chocolate on top, keep the site elegant and clean.

(Can you tell I feel a bit strongly about this issue?) :oP~~~~~~

Posted at 5:57pm Oct 10, 2005 EDT

frenchie says

I like the way Etsy looks right now and fear that free-range use of HTML could have some people's shops looking like some profiles on (ick). I think, however, that having limited access to things like color, bold, italics might not turn Etsy into an insane HTML zoo and can enhance descriptions.

Posted at 8:05pm Oct 10, 2005 EDT

We're working on striping out all tags -- this appears to be the one field we missed when we were originally writing the site.

Posted at 9:32pm Oct 10, 2005 EDT

I agree that etsy would not benefit from html in descriptions. I like that each page looks like part of a very sophisticated mail order catalog.

Posted at 11:18am Oct 19, 2005 EDT

i am dissapointed that etsy does not allow html in descriptions because my opportunity for posting quality photos has been taken away.

i scan my jewelry, therefor cannot post photos straight out of the digital camera like the etsy uploading photo thing requires. so my items tend to look stretched out.

i wanted to list items, but wont because the images just look ridiculous :(

Posted at 9:45pm Oct 25, 2005 EDT

gadgetgirl says

Any photo-editing software can fix that problem. Size your scans accordingly. Mine are usually 5x7 at 72dpi.

Posted at 10:35pm Oct 25, 2005 EDT

What is it you can do with HTML that you can't do by uploading the image using the site's forms?

You can put the same images you would be linking to via HTML into etsy's form -- you don't need to use a digital camera to do so.

Posted at 10:49pm Oct 25, 2005 EDT

I agree with keeping Etsy listings the way they are now. They have a clean and simple look to them, which is nice.

Posted at 8:41pm Oct 26, 2005 EDT

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