top 5 reasons i 'm not buying from you.

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Original Post

aorta says

1. you don't make anything bigger than a medium that looks like a small.
2. i know what it really costs to mail that and you're way past the mark.
3. i have no idea where you are.
4. that item might be pretty simple, but i want more than 1 picture.
5. i can't tell what you made it with and, yes, i wanna know!

the odds of me convoing a seller to get these missing details are slim to none. i know this has been talked about dozens of times. but this is a list i have in my head. it comes up repeatedly when i'm so close to buying something, but just can't. i'm not trying to offend anyone or start any arguments with this. i just felt like posting it.


Posted at 4:13pm Oct 16, 2006 EDT


Good list, especially the second one. Too many times have I decided not to purchase something because of the ridiculous shipping price!

Posted at 4:15pm Oct 16, 2006 EDT

catchy title, good info!

Posted at 4:15pm Oct 16, 2006 EDT

6. your description consists of no adjectives, personality or dimensions.

and i wholeheartedly agree on point #2 + 4.
[ps - can we forward this to they're the worst on point #2.]

Posted at 4:17pm Oct 16, 2006 EDT

aorta says

yes, relish, there is a particular item i want really bad, but the shipping is nuts. and i do know how much it would cost to ship beyond any doubt. i can't say how because that could give away what it is.
thanks, moonstone. sometimes sellers think it's that their items suck, but maybe they're just missing some info in their shop.

Posted at 4:18pm Oct 16, 2006 EDT

aorta says

girlcantell, amazon has the wonkiest shipping fees. i sell there for work.

Posted at 4:20pm Oct 16, 2006 EDT

artbynaomi says

Just a thought on the shipping.
No, I'm really not trying to be confrontational, but.....

So much more factors into the cost of shipping an item other than the stamps as I'm sure you're aware of, but.....

I prefer to add that into the shipping rather then the cost of the item. That's just my preference.

So, this is what I have to factor into the cost of shipping.

the postage
the gas it takes for me to drive my item to the post office.
the bubble wrap package.
the packing tape.
the littel treats I add in teh package and on the package.

Just wanted the throw that out there and no I'm not advocating rediculous s/h fees, many times I swallow the cost.

Posted at 4:21pm Oct 16, 2006 EDT

simplysavy says

Great list. It helps me out as a seller to be more specific. Hope you buy from me. :)

Posted at 4:24pm Oct 16, 2006 EDT

AVision says

Could you please define what you think rediculous shipping is? I'm serious, I really want to know. Examples please??

Posted at 4:25pm Oct 16, 2006 EDT

aorta says

oh, i completely agree, naomi. shipping isn't always just "shipping" and i'm fine with that. but i do see the ocassional item that is still way beyond handling, etc.

Posted at 4:25pm Oct 16, 2006 EDT