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Original Post

lilikoi says

The word alchemy, to me, means something magical - being able to take a material and make it into something else.

It is with this in mind that I'm announcing not a contest, but a game... it's a little bit alchemy, a little bit PIF, but it's also about being friendly...

Alchemy + PIF + Pals = Palchemy

There will be no prizes awarded and no winner chosen, it's all just for fun.


If you want to play, CONVO me. I will match people up and post the matches here.

You can sign up to be a Sender, or a Maker - or both.

Will mail, free of charge, some items of your choice to the Maker I pair you with. What you send is up to you. The value of the items, size, all that - is up to you. It can be wild and crazy, or it can be ordinary. Please include a minimum of three (3) items.

Will create and list an item using mystery materials provided by Sender. You may get findings, you may get paper, you may get fabric - who knows?? You must mention the Sender's shop name in the listing description, and include the word Palchemy in your item title. One of your photo spaces should be a picture of the items that were sent to you before you made them into anything. You can add other materials of your own, the idea is to incorporate as many of the received items as possible into a new piece, but the piece does not have to consist soley of the received items.

Please note: Senders will be "paid" in publicity via the description listing, Makers keep whatever they make on the sale - I'm assuming that there will most likely be their own materials involved as well.

To make sure that no one takes advantage, you can only sign up to be the Maker one time.

Anyone who is interested, please CONVO me and let me know whether you want to be a Maker, a Sender, or both.

If anyone would like to play, I will match people up over the next week (through midnight Pacific time Friday April 7th) and post the matches here as I make them.

Senders should mail their mystery materials the following week.

Please let me know, if you are volunteering to be a Sender, whether you will mail only to the US or only to Canada or whatever.


- Lili

Posted at 3:34am Mar 31, 2006 EST


What a fun idea!!

Posted at 4:44am Mar 31, 2006 EST

jellibat says

isnt this just the competiton thats running already ?

Posted at 6:59am Mar 31, 2006 EST

I think this is wonderful!!!

Jellibat - this is definetely different from the contest already going on. First of all because this isn't a contest or competition - it's just for fun. And second, in the coproduction contest, people form groups and plan out what they're going to make. With Palchemy, you get randomly paired up with another person, and the person who recieves the raw materials has no idea what they're going to be getting. So you might end up exploring a whole new craft skill you wouldn't have thought of or tried otherwise.

Posted at 7:56am Mar 31, 2006 EST

i'm in. i didn't quite have time to get into the corproduction contest, and this sounds like a nice alternative. sweet. i can't wait!

Posted at 9:01am Mar 31, 2006 EST

girlscantell, just incase you weren't aware the coproduction contest deadline was extended to May 20TH I believe. So theres still lots of time to get in on it.

Posted at 9:23am Mar 31, 2006 EST

i sent you a convo. great idea.

Posted at 10:08am Mar 31, 2006 EST

Oh, what fun! And for the very same reason girlscantell mentioned. I'm sending you a convo right now.

Will you pair us randomly or logically?

Posted at 11:06am Mar 31, 2006 EST

I'm in too! I love this idea.

Posted at 12:41pm Mar 31, 2006 EST

Bring it on baby! :)

Posted at 1:28pm Mar 31, 2006 EST