Will melting vaseline in the microwave cause a fire?

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Original Post

TheArtMart says

I want to make lip balm by melting vaseline in the microwave because that how I heard that you could make it) and then add flavoring by using cocoa. Will it start a fire, since it is oil? I am 17 years old, and obviously don't have my own house to burn down, so my mom won't let me use the microwave for melting the vaseline. Will it be just as good if I just add cocoa or vanilla into regular vaseline? Will it sell like that here? And lets say all goes well, and I melt the vaseline, adn then sell it, will it clump up by the time it gets to the receiver? Any other easy ways to make lip balm/lip gloss?

Posted at 3:14 pm Dec 21, 2006 EST


beatgirl77 says

check out craftster.org

they have recipes for making stuff like that on the bath and body board.
i have melted lip stuff in a tin because it was stuck to the sides and i wanted it to be on the bottom. i put it in the toaster oven but i watched it the whole time.
it was fun!

Posted at 3:17 pm Dec 21, 2006 EST

beatgirl, thanks for the craftster.org link - I love that stuff!!

Posted at 3:19 pm Dec 21, 2006 EST

beatgirl77 says

me too, i would love to get into it but i don't have the money right now. plus, i just have so many beads!

Posted at 3:21 pm Dec 21, 2006 EST

kateblack says

You should also search the forums for threads about legal regulations regarding production of bath and body products. There are federal guidelines which have to be followed, or you can get into legal trouble.

Posted at 3:30 pm Dec 21, 2006 EST

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