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Original Post

Etsy is really a great site with a lot of Bells and Whistles and Eye Candy. I can see how some people can be a little overwhelmed by the size, everything to to see and the experience in general. For some people they may not know where and how to find information. There are some who only know how to write and not read but I'm not going to step on that soap box.

I propose the following suggestion to help those who want to know how to get the most out of Etsy.

When you sign up to become a member you must first respond to the e-mail sent by administration. I think it would be useful for the following information to be included in that e-mail.

************ ************

To make the most out of your buying and selling experience at Etsy we recommend you take time to acquaint yourself with the following information.

Etsy About (The Creators) -
Etsy Press -
Etsy Blog -
Etsy Team -
Terms of Use -
Etsy Privacy Policy -
Etsy Copyright Policy -
Links to these sections can be found at the bottom left side of each page.

Help and Other Answers to Frequently Asked Questions -
A link to this can be found at the top of each page.

Etsy Forum -
A link to the Forum is provided at the top of each page.
Guide lines to posting in Forums -
A link to this information is at the top left of the Forum main page.
The Etsy Forum is open and available to all Etsy members. It is a great place for information and getting to know other Etsy members.

The Forum is comprised of the Following Categories.
Help have a question about the site? ask the community and Etsy staff
Version 2 Information the place for questions about the new Etsy
Ideas have a way to make Etsy better? let us know!
Bugs if you've found a glitch in the site, please report it here
Buying & Selling here you can share tips and ask questions about buying and selling
Street Team a place to talk about getting the word out
Promotions & Critiques posts about your shop and items go here
Etc. if it doesn't fit in another forum, it belongs here

Etsy Chat - chat rooms: red | green | blue
Etsy has three chat rooms that are available to all members

Want More Info – EtsyWiki -
Currently there is no link from the Etsy site for this information.

User Guide – More important Info -
There is no link to this information. It has been compiled and posted in the forum by one of Etsy Top Sellers.

I know I have probably missed some things so please feel free to add or make additional suggestions.

Posted at 2:19pm Jan 14, 2007 EST


dyno says

wow. that's awesome! thanks for taking the time!

Posted at 2:23pm Jan 14, 2007 EST

emckinstry says

Great idea. But maybe only Sellers need all this info?

Posted at 2:23pm Jan 14, 2007 EST

faerwear says

that is FANTASTIC. i've only been using etsy regularly for a month now and i've had to dig up most of this information on my own.

Posted at 2:23pm Jan 14, 2007 EST

Great work Dyno!

That list does apply to both buyers and sellers. I think buyers need to be informed about the site, it's policies, forums etc. too.

Posted at 2:29pm Jan 14, 2007 EST

we're so used to dyno doing this stuff! mugwumpdesigns, i think you mean "great work, MinuOriginals!"


Posted at 2:55pm Jan 14, 2007 EST

What a great list. Thanks so much for the info consolidation.

Posted at 2:55pm Jan 14, 2007 EST

For comments and consideration.

Posted at 8:48pm Jan 14, 2007 EST

Really excellent list! Thanks Minu!

I'd be happy to see it going to buyers only as well - even if done a little more subtly. Etsy can be a bit of an unusual experience for some buyers so it could be very helpful.

Just a thought - I know you're making this an ideas suggesting, but they're such a great collection of links I wonder if maybe an article with them should go somewhere prominent in the Wiki as a starting point for people?

Posted at 9:16pm Jan 14, 2007 EST

Wiki is a good idea also. I even thought about sending it in convos to new people I see posting in the forums. Would love your suggestions on the article.

Posted at 9:29pm Jan 14, 2007 EST