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Original Post

Hi - I've been seeing lots of posts on listing strategies, etc. I took some screen shots of the statistics pages of my personal website. Obviously, this is just my site, and I can't say that these are definitively the best times to post, but if anyone else has stats to offer from their websites, we could perhaps stat to see a trend, and this could be helpful.

The first one is hourly, dshowing the average number of hits each hour of the day:


The second is daily, averaging the number of hits on each day of the week:


If anyone else has stats to share, that would be great!

Posted at 4:32pm Jan 14, 2007 EST


Nice - I buried this MYSELF by responding to other posts. Good job, me! :D

Posted at 4:47pm Jan 14, 2007 EST

Thanks for the data!
What time zone are you?

Posted at 4:51pm Jan 14, 2007 EST

i am in Ohio, so.....whatever zone Ohio is in? :D

Posted at 4:52pm Jan 14, 2007 EST

Wow, this is interesting stuff. ^_^

Posted at 4:54pm Jan 14, 2007 EST

WillowPond says

I don't know about Etsy but the big majority consensus on E-bay is to list Sundays around 8 pm eastern to end the following Sunday at the same time. I think that's when lots of people shop on line.

Another way to think of it is when do you think your target audience will be on line shopping? After the kids are in bed? While they are in school? While hubby is watching football?

I think evenings after dinner and bed time are best.

Posted at 4:59pm Jan 14, 2007 EST

Thanks!! It appears that the 'middle of the road' is the place to be, so to say.

Post on Wednesday between noon and midnight, huh?


Posted at 5:00pm Jan 14, 2007 EST

Wow, this is really helpful. Are you on Etsy time? I need to figure out the time difference...

Posted at 5:01pm Jan 14, 2007 EST

ChristieE says

Thanks for the advice. I'm new to Etsy, and still trying to put my store together. I appreciate helpful posts like this.

Posted at 5:02pm Jan 14, 2007 EST

BlackStar says

I think you're on central time g. what time is it right now? It's 4:03 here.

Posted at 5:03pm Jan 14, 2007 EST