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Original Post

modernjune says

Lonely little blog seeking readers! Hi all I have a new craft blog that would love to be read! And I would love to check out yours too! send me your info!

Posted at 4:20pm Jan 22, 2007 EST


LemonCadet says

I LOVE your blog. I hadn't seen it before.

I will add a link from my blog.

Posted at 4:24pm Jan 22, 2007 EST

I look forward to reading (and linking) yours.

here is mine

Posted at 4:25pm Jan 22, 2007 EST

AbbieRoad says is my blog, I've been featuring Etsy sellers :)

Posted at 4:29pm Jan 22, 2007 EST

modernjune says

Lemon cadet you made my week! I went to check out your site and there I was under your blog list. You are fast! and I am greatful!

Posted at 4:31pm Jan 22, 2007 EST

I really like your blog! Great photos : )

Here is mine:

: ) Jenn

Posted at 4:37pm Jan 22, 2007 EST

modernjune I am so glad you started this thread because it means I found you. I already have you listed on my blog which I listed above a few postings I have already hearted your etsy shop, love love your blog AND I added you as flickr contact. You made my day today. I love your stuff and can't wait to buy an apron from you.

Posted at 4:38pm Jan 22, 2007 EST

Summersea says

I like you blog, ModernJune!
You can check out my new blog here:

Posted at 4:39pm Jan 22, 2007 EST