chex mix vs. gardetto's snack-ens

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Original Post

Name your poison!

I'm 1/3 of the way thorugh a bag of Chex Mix Cheddar flavor.

I prefer the "original" flavor but I'm mixing it up today. Actually, I prefer my own homemade version, 'cause I leave out the stuff I don't like (peanuts, rye chips, etc.) and add more of the stuff I do like (Chex, Cheez balls).

That's my main problem w/ Gardetto's--too many damn rye chips.

Anyone else?

Posted at 4:46pm Jan 28, 2007 EST


SaMMiE10 says

i love both of them.
but i also like rye chips.

but i also make my own chex mix with the stuff i like!

Posted at 4:48pm Jan 28, 2007 EST

Lemonade says

Gardettos is my all time favorite. Also, the Kids Chex mix is good, it's got M&M's and some other good stuff that I can't think of right now.

Posted at 5:20pm Jan 28, 2007 EST

love them both dearly, but I just discovered that Hy-Vee (regional/locally owned grocery store) makes their own version of Gardetto's that is almost identical and at nearly half the cost.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, two bags for the price of one

Posted at 5:29pm Jan 28, 2007 EST