Any Must Have Info/Ideas for a Newbie?

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Original Post


I just opened my "Shop"(dont have a lot Yet!) and I read a post from another Newbie who was ready to quit because of nothing selling yet.

I am soooo excited about Etsy & My Shop! I don't want to get discouraged. Can ya'll give me any Info/Ideas to becoming Successful on Etsy? I am a Homeschool Mom & this is a Wonderful Outlet for me. I am hoping to support my Crafting Addiction :)


Posted at 1:14pm Feb 1, 2007 EST


Take a look at the selling tips in the Etsywiki:

Posted at 1:17pm Feb 1, 2007 EST

glassfairy says

I am a newbie also! I don't know much yet, but I think when you list a couple of items every day your listing will come up towards the top everyday. If you put everying on all at once it seems that the items get burried.

I hope this helps a little!

Posted at 1:22pm Feb 1, 2007 EST

Welcome to Etsy, cute bags...good luck

Posted at 1:26pm Feb 1, 2007 EST

Welcome to Etsy...lots of great ideas in the link Windy suggested!

Also, take some time to play around with the different features on the site so you can become familiar with all the tools at your disposal. There's a blog written by Admin of the site, the link is located at the bottom left hand corner of your screen. There are also chatrooms where you can talk with other sellers and buyers--the link for that is at the top right of the main Forums screenpage--most people head for the "red" room, and it's a great way to get to know other sellers and chat about different things.

If you can get your hands on some business cards, that's also a good way to draw traffic to your store--you can buy them cheaply from or make your own using cardstock and print them from home.

Be aware that sometimes it can take months to garner your first sale--and the excitement over that never really changes as you become to sell more and more--you'll find yourself getting excited at almost every sale you have. :)

Welcome again, and good luck in sales!

Posted at 1:26pm Feb 1, 2007 EST

JOYouz says

Welcome to Etsy!
If-you-build-it-they-will-come might work in the movies but it won't work in sales and marketing without some promotion and an investment of time and energy on your part. It takes time but there are ways to jump start your sales on Etsy. So here's a few ideas, in no particular order, on getting the jumpstart you need to begin selling:

::: Make sure all of your shop info is complete; especially location. It has been mentioned often on Etsy forums that not filling in physical locations is a big turnoff. People want an idea of how long something might take to ship to them.

::: Post great photos, clear with good color and lots of detail of your product. No cluttered messy backgrounds (looks very unprofessional). Excellent photos will keep people in your shop longer. One thing all top sellers on Etsy have in common is dynamite photos. It can be a big learning curve but one well worth your time. Photo hints and tips:

::: List new items often. Some of you will be able to do this; others make items that are time intensive to make. Nothing, and I mean nothing will give you more exposure that listing something daily. Don't list 20 items on one day and then not list anything else for a month. Spread them out. Consistent, daily exposure is better than listing a bunch at one time.

::: Promote, promote, promote - off Etsy and on Etsy. Excellent advice on how to sell can be found in the EtsyWiki at this link - click on the links at the bottom of the page.

::: Heart other sellers whose work you like. Sure, I know you want to sell most of all. But like many here, whenever anyone marks my shop as a favorite, I go check them out.

::: Write a good bio and be proud of yourself and your products. If you have a hard time doing this, pretend you’re a friend writing it. What would your best friend say about you?

::: Include measurements (in both inches and mm/cm). Coins are not good (many are not familiar with the size of another country's coins) and rulers in photos distract from your product.

::: Post here on the forum in other threads. Each time you post here, you will notice your views of your items will go up. Be positive. Don't post when you are angry, it will only reflect negatively on you and a sure sign you need a break from the forum. So back off and return when you’re more calm.

::: Go over your listings with a fine tooth comb and delete the word *auction* if it exists anywhere. There are NO auctions on Etsy, never has been, and never will be. No SHOUTING (typing in all caps) here; Etsy's a different mindset than feebay.

Finally (and this is important)
::: Keep SHOP ANNOUNCEMENTS as short as possible. If the first thing I see when I go to your shop page is a huge block of text (instead of your product photos), I won’t take the time to scroll down. I want to see your products immediately!

Good luck and happy selling!

Posted at 1:30pm Feb 1, 2007 EST

Nice things! If I may suggest....only the first 2-3 words show up in the title to interest buyers. I noticed in your pink strip drawstring purse that you had CUTE CUTE CUTE as the first three words. If you would put instead pink purse drawstring that might help draw more lookers. Any words that do not add to the actual description of an item are not helpful to you at all. Just my 1/2 cent worth. Good luck to you.

Posted at 1:31pm Feb 1, 2007 EST

How do I get to the newbies group?????

Posted at 1:31pm Feb 1, 2007 EST

JOYouz, thank you for taking so much time to list all these helpful tips! The support of other Esty sellers is so terrific - it makes this site so special.

My question is how long are you considered a "newbie"? I started 3 months ago and have had a few sales, but I still feel like a rookie with a lot to learn.

Posted at 1:50pm Feb 1, 2007 EST

nanjodogz says

I'm new to Etsy also and I wanted to say thanks for all the great advise -- Etsy seems like a great place.

Posted at 1:55pm Feb 1, 2007 EST