Why is the homepage almost always brown lately?

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Is it really "brown". I think it's more of a "mocha". ^^

Posted at 12:33am Feb 8, 2007 EST

aorta says

you have to watch this www.youtube.com/watch?v=RX_-SoeKPOo

Posted at 12:33am Feb 8, 2007 EST

If you're maing coffee, PG, I'll have one, thanks

Posted at 12:34am Feb 8, 2007 EST

Well, if the response to my thread is any indication www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=5033714
I was just trying to report a problem. Isn't that what the bugs section is for!? They fricken locked the thread! Broken cookies is not the same as 500 error. Wait for hours/days or restart solves the first error; refresh and try again solves the later.

Posted at 12:35am Feb 8, 2007 EST

aorta says


Posted at 12:37am Feb 8, 2007 EST

Artsy says


Posted at 12:39am Feb 8, 2007 EST

Rainy Day....we're talking about serious issues like excessive brown and coffee and poo here....I think you've landed in the wrong thread

Posted at 12:40am Feb 8, 2007 EST

Artsy says

cookies can be brown

Posted at 12:40am Feb 8, 2007 EST

Yes, Artsy, cookies can be brown, well done.
Can anyone else name something that can be brown?
I have a song about brown, let's sing...

Posted at 12:42am Feb 8, 2007 EST

aorta says

turtle heads

Posted at 12:43am Feb 8, 2007 EST