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Original Post

Analiese says

I have seen a lot of posts about newbies with no sales, etc… So I tought maybe I could offer a little advice.

I am by no means an expert, but I thought I would try to help a little by listing some things that I have either heard in the past or do on my own.

1. Promote yourself as much as possible – friends, family, co-workers, whoever. Get business cards made up – and hand them out to whomever you can. I have also heard about people slipping their business cards in with their bills – who knows – it may work.

Great place for low cost business cards and other promotional items:

2. Add a new item every day or every other day. The way the listings come up to a buyer is new listings first, unless they choose to browse a different way. So, in order to make your shop visible – you can add something every day – I have heard that a peak time to list is around 7:00 pm – but I think anytime is good.

3.Take good pictures – clear and crisp. Try to invest in a digital camera – if you can. Take several shots and pick the best – take advantage of the 5 slots in your listings – or I have seen other sellers use those for other products. Close ups are great.

This software is amazing and easy and works great and it is FREE – it is called Photofiltre – you can download it at Actually I just checked it out and they have upgraded it to Shareware – free for 30 days – - If you try this link – I think it is free.

4. Customer Service is KEY – keep in touch with your customers once they make a purchase – let them know you rec’d their order – let them know when it has shipped and leave feedback as soon as possible. Packaging is also important – make it look professional. I use a printed invoice and some nice Thank you stickers – or you can slip in a business card with a little note – make it look nice.

5. Start a blog or another website – I still do not have a blog – but I am looking into it. I do have another website that does not do that much business – but it is my own URL and I list special events there, and other things – an About me page, etc..

6. Start a newsletter – I have done this for several months – and I guarantee that it has generated sales. There are several websites that allow you to create and send a newsletter for free – Bravenet is one of them – I use one that has a very low fee called MyNewsletterbuilder. You will of course have to get a mailing list started –I do this on my other website – since ETSY does not have that capability. I actually went through my e-mail address book and added friends and family – on top of those on my other website – I have over 60 recipients.

7. DO YOUR RESEARCH – see what is hot right now – I listed a previous post on Spring Color forecasts – You can go to and see what colors are hot for the spring or fall. See what is in style – see what sells – what the stars are wearing or buying. Look at pricing – there is so much on the internet – I can spend hours sometimes just doing research.

8. Stay calm, focused and upbeat – Don’t sweat it – you will get sales on ETSY – it is huge right now and growing – there are always people looking. Keep on track – stick to your guns and don’t give up.

I hope this helps in some way – I like to offer help when I can – I think that is the teacher in me. I have been home for a couple days with my little one who is sick – poor guy – so I thought I would use my time constructively :)

If anyone has any specific questions – please feel free to convo me and I will help as much as I can.

Posted at 10:33am Feb 11, 2007 EST


Analiese says

I wanted to bump this- it got lost so fast

Posted at 10:42am Feb 11, 2007 EST

Just wanted to say thanks for keeping me positive this morning! I do have 4 sales and I just started 2 weeks ago, but I'm coming from having my own site for nearly 2 yrs. and I feel like I'm starting over. Great tips for all, I have a blog, Top 100, MySpace, newsletter, etc. etc. We just have to keep promoting:)

Posted at 10:42am Feb 11, 2007 EST

Well thought out, organized and informative post. Good job! I'd like to add if I may for newbies and sellers who have been around awhile....please do not use sheets or blankets as a background for your beautiful things!

Posted at 10:51am Feb 11, 2007 EST

Thanks for the advice

Posted at 10:52am Feb 11, 2007 EST

ohboy says

this is great advise! Thanks for taking the time to help out. I am going to look into doing a newsletter.

Posted at 10:56am Feb 11, 2007 EST

Definitely good points. You'd be surprised what simple word-of-mouth does for sales. :)

Posted at 10:59am Feb 11, 2007 EST

Thank you for the good advice.

Posted at 11:08am Feb 11, 2007 EST

Excellent tips! :-)

Posted at 11:12am Feb 11, 2007 EST

shazie28 says

Thank you for the advise. Well written and good information.

Posted at 11:52am Feb 11, 2007 EST