Does Anybody want to do Reciprocating links on their blog?

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Original Post

I just started blogging.

I understand that the more links you have on your blog that link back to your blog can really help search engine standing. I want to do a side bar section with "Etsy Links". Does anyone wanna try it out with me?

Leve a url for you blog and add my link to yours.

Lets say that anyone who posts to this topic is willing to have their blog linked to unless otherwise stated.

Please only add your address, if you want to reciprocate.

This could be fun! I am looing forward to cecking out you blogs!

Take Care,

Posted at 2:01pm Feb 16, 2007 EST


I vow to check my spelling from here out, before I post!

This could be fun! I am looKing forward to cHecking out youR blogs!

Posted at 2:02pm Feb 16, 2007 EST

livefunky says

I'm in! Your blog looks great and I've been such a fan of your work. My blog is at - I'll add a link to you later this afternoon. :)

Posted at 2:05pm Feb 16, 2007 EST

Sure... I'll link to you if you like to me! I haven't been blogging much lately, but here's a link:

(and I promise to blog more soon, lol)

Posted at 2:05pm Feb 16, 2007 EST

If I can get an attractive geek over here to show me how to put links on my site/blog, I'll be all for it!

Posted at 2:07pm Feb 16, 2007 EST

Andrew and livefunky... I've added links to both of you. If anyone else wants to swap links - let me know! :-)

Posted at 2:10pm Feb 16, 2007 EST

All you have to do is navigate to your site and copy paste it into your forum post on it's own seperate line.

On you site you might have a template that has a link option like mine...

Good Luck Glassgrrls!

I've already added Shell and live funky!

Posted at 2:12pm Feb 16, 2007 EST

Hey this is alot easier then I thought it would be! I've added you dotty!

Posted at 2:14pm Feb 16, 2007 EST

Here's my site:

I'm going to see what I can figure out. Meanwhile, I've got a few friends with very active, arty blogs, and I'll send your links over to them as well.

Posted at 2:15pm Feb 16, 2007 EST