Purple isn't Green::: Trouble with the Color searcher ????

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Original Post

just went to look for a green shamrock quilted table runner i just posted, in the color searcher, and got lots of blue and purple and very little green.

is this normal or is there a problem with it !!

thank you in advance for your help !!!

Posted at 2:06pm Feb 20, 2007 EST


The color picker works on color averages sampled from the center of the images, so some of the results may appear to be innacurate.

Posted at 2:07pm Feb 20, 2007 EST

Ive noticed that too... The color choices are very odd sometimes and quite a number of times it may be the color of the background and not the actual item.

Sometimes I press and press the same color bubble and get the same things which i think is weird. There must ben TONS of things with similar colors....

Posted at 2:12pm Feb 20, 2007 EST

karabu says

I've never had any luck getting the color I was looking for with that feature - so I'd have to say, yes it's normal to get things that aren't the color you picked.

Posted at 2:31pm Feb 20, 2007 EST

eclipse says

I find lots of things that don't even have the desired clor in the background or in any part of the photo. I have no idea what pixel is being sampled and how the program is deciding that a green and blue glass necklace on a white background should be classified as dark red and show up in the color bubble for dark red. There is nothing red ANYwhere in the picture.

Posted at 2:58pm Feb 20, 2007 EST

emckinstry says

The color sampler is fairly useless. Cute toy, but depends COMPLETELY on how the picture is taken.

Posted at 3:15pm Feb 20, 2007 EST

joby1 says

how about you make sure that the first picture that you upload of your item is an extreme close up (macro) of the detail.
thus your colour average will be boosted by the amount in that 1 photo.....
would this work RD/Jared?

Posted at 8:39am Feb 21, 2007 EST

jared says

Yes Joby1, that would certainly help. It's a balance between taking a good, descriptive photo while also satisfying the color averager.

One especially good trick is to use a solid white or black background. Backgrounds of this nature are ignored from the average, thus giving a more pure representation of the color.

The color averager works better than some here are assuming. Check out the fun we've had with it in the past: blog.etsy.com/?p=60

Posted at 10:44am Feb 21, 2007 EST

I take close ups on a white background and I have never seen any of my items in the colour sampler. Ever. It's nice eye candy, but I have yet to see it find items matching the colour I pick. Neat idea though :)

Posted at 11:16am Feb 21, 2007 EST

joby1 says

also, i guess some etsyians are so caught up in their own work (and so they should be!) that they forget the amazing green glass beads they love are completely surrounded by a red box or blue paper tissue or something!
it's too hard to pinpoint the 'attractive' colour of a crafted item if it is made of many things!

perhaps there could be a choice of 3 different coloured buttons as the final submit button, of etsy's brains chosing, after assesing photos? the seller chooses the closest... (a lot of programming and implementing i'm sure)

what do you think???

Posted at 11:18am Feb 21, 2007 EST