Revised FAQ about the Saturday Night Specials (SNS) Promotions thread

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UPDATED and REVISED FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) ABOUT THE SNS (March 9, 2007)

What is the SNS?

The Saturday Night Specials (SNS) is a promo thread started by Willowglass so that Etsy sellers can kick back on a Saturday night and hopefully gain some sales as a result. Buyers look forward to this thread each week! You decide the special for your shop, whether it be a percentage off, a BOGO (Buy One, Get One 1/2 off), or whatever you choose.

What time does the SNS start?

Each Saturday the thread is started at approximately 5 p.m. EST/NY time. To make it a true Saturday Night Special, your specials must be limited to Saturday night. If your specials run beyond this time frame, there are plenty of other threads to post them in!
The SNS runs from 5 p.m. EST/NY time and *must* officially end at midnight Samoa time (which is 6 a.m. EST/NY time). You can choose to end your SNS earlier in a different time zone of you wish.

If Willowglass isn't around for the SNS, she will designate someone to start it in her absence.

What do I need to do?

* End your SNS no later than midnight Samoa time (which is 6 a.m. EST/NY time)

* Post a notice about your Specials in your Shop Announcements section to ensure that buyers will know what your specials are.

* There will be no recapping (repostings) of your SNS. This is necessary to keep the thread as streamlined as possible for buyers and is at their request.

* If you're offering a "Super Special", it may be posted one time only. Again, use your Shop Announcement area to advertise your specials :)

* Remind buyers to put *SNS* in their notes so you can offer the appropriate discount and also track your SNS sales. The SNS code should only be used in the original SNS thread.

NEW!! A weekly companion thread will start THIS Saturday in the ETC forum for chatting and having fun while the SNS is running!! It will be called the Saturday Night Special Companion and will be started soon after the SNS Promotions thread.

We want sellers who continue to participate to have all the fun + many more sales which we think can be accomplished if the thread is as streamlined as possible.

* If you are offering a "secret", in your shop, please advertise it in the Etc. thread and not in the SNS Promotions thread. A secret is when a seller hides a certain item in their shop which is free with the finder only paying for the postage. They will note their terms within their shop's listing.

* You'll always be able to distinguish the original SNS thread as it will be referred to as Willowglass' Saturday Night Specials (SNS). Have fun!

(a special shout out to daisycakessoap for helping me with the revisions. Thanks, jm :)

Posted at 9:43pm Mar 9, 2007 EST


ebbandflo says


Posted at 9:48pm Mar 9, 2007 EST

ebbandflo says

oops! prem post.
thanks to willowglass (and daisycakes) for all the hard work

Posted at 9:48pm Mar 9, 2007 EST

beadbug says

Sounds great! Looking forward to Saturday Night!

Posted at 10:06pm Mar 9, 2007 EST

sfewel says

Thanks for streamlining the SNS, and eliminating the re-caps, which will definitely make searching the posts less confusing and time consuming for us buyers. I appreciate your SNS; they've given me the extra nudge I've needed to take the plunge and purchase some of higher dollar items from my favorite metalsmiths!

Posted at 1:22am Mar 10, 2007 EST

sfewel says

Excuse my poor English; it's been a looong day:)

Posted at 1:24am Mar 10, 2007 EST

Thanks, sfewel. It's always nice hearing from the buyers and getting their feedback. Hopefully this will benefit the thread greatly :)

Posted at 6:29am Mar 10, 2007 EST

ah, streamlining, that's fantastic!! thanks for organizing this every week, i get lots of sales this way, and a bargain or 2 for myself! =)

Posted at 6:33am Mar 10, 2007 EST

I am really scratching my head as to what my SNS will be tonight. I lowered my prices and maybe one thing in my shop is more than 4 dollars. Hmmm I'll use the next hours to think about it. the revised FAQ is exciting, REALLY like the companion thread idea. gracias!

Posted at 6:36am Mar 10, 2007 EST

To the top for the new guidelines which are effective today.

Posted at 9:23am Mar 10, 2007 EST