Customer appreciation picture in feedback... what it this?

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Original Post

What is the Customer appreciation picture option for in feedback? I'm getting ready to leave my first feedback and wanted to know what this is first.


Posted at 3:41pm Mar 17, 2007 EDT


I just put random photos up to make someone smile.

Or I put a photo of flowers in appreciation.

Some people have a thankyou in their photo, for appreciation for a sale.

It's there to use as you see fit! Have fun with it!

I've intended on taking photos of me wearing things I've purchased, but thus far I've been too lazy!~

Posted at 3:43pm Mar 17, 2007 EDT

If you order a hat you can attach a photo of you wearing the hat while smiling.

Posted at 3:48pm Mar 17, 2007 EDT

I see! Thanks guys.

Posted at 3:56pm Mar 17, 2007 EDT

cheri24iv says

Cute ideas!

Posted at 7:23pm Mar 17, 2007 EDT

Lali says

I just thanked someone and put a smiling face of one of my tiny sculptures to show my appreciation. That's what I love about Etsy, everything is very visual.

Posted at 7:23pm Mar 17, 2007 EDT

kittygrrlz says

When I buy fiber, I put in a picture of what I spin with the fiber, when I buy yarn, a picture of what I knit with the yarn. I do this to show what was made from/with their item!

Posted at 7:25pm Mar 17, 2007 EDT

clevergirl says

Here are some examples, if you scroll down the was for a seller and one was for a buyer (showing him his completed, custom sized ring)

Posted at 7:34pm Mar 17, 2007 EDT

is it possible to take a photo off? i put up a custom invitation order before i realized it had a bunch of our private info on it and now i don't know how to take it off :/ or replace it

Posted at 12:05am Apr 6, 2013 EDT

I don't know how you can take it off. However, I do know that only the person you left it for can see it. Not the entire Etsy community.

I love getting appreciation photos from my buyers when they show me a photo of them wearing the item, especially my brides! Nothing puts a smile on my face like a happy bride...well cute kitties too, but they don't wear my jewelry!

Posted at 12:12am Apr 6, 2013 EDT