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Original Post

rebecca404 says

Oh man. I just finished listing 2 new pendants. I went into sections to organize them.

Only the first one I'd listed was I put it in a new section and clicked "Save." Still the 2nd pendant wasn't showing up, so I waited a few seconds and clicked "Refresh."

2nd pendant is now there, but it's already in a section. Weird, as I didn't change it, but no big deal. Then I notice that it is in the section that was previously on top of the page....all of my items are now in the section that the item immediately below them was in!

Do I really have to go back and reorganize all of them? If clicking refresh messes things up so badly, shouldn't there be a "Don't click Refresh" warning? Is there a way to fix this without having to change each one?

Posted at 5:20pm Mar 18, 2007 EDT



Posted at 6:32pm Mar 18, 2007 EDT

esdesigns says

This exact same thing happened to me! I posted it in bugs, and no one posted. I clicked refresh after not seeing my new item too, and everything changed sections.

Posted at 8:57pm Mar 18, 2007 EDT

when I click on your sections everything seems to be in right category.

Posted at 9:35pm Mar 18, 2007 EDT

rebecca404 says

After seeing no responses, I went in and manually put everything back in their sections. It's the only reason they're in the right categories. :o/

Posted at 9:52pm Mar 18, 2007 EDT

esdesigns says

I guess I'll just never refresh in sections again.

Posted at 1:11am Mar 19, 2007 EDT

This happens when you add or remove listings from your shop and the batch sorting page is pulled out of your browser's cache. To prevent this, try reloading the batch sorting page before clicking on the submit button at the bottom of the page.

If this does not work, try clearing your browser's cache.

Posted at 12:46pm Mar 19, 2007 EDT

I wish I read this BEFORE I had to resort 121 items into the correct categories!

Posted at 4:30pm Mar 23, 2007 EDT