Etsy Traveling Journal Collaborative **Merchandise**

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Original Post

DecadenceDesigns avatar
DecadenceDesigns says

There has been some talk of starting up an Etsy Traveling Journal store with Journal-related merchandise.
I had originally thought about making t-shirts, the first ones being just general t-shirts with the "Etsy Traveling Journal 2007 - Book #" (or some such) on the front and the names of the towns and states that that particular journal went to (if a participant wanted one of the t-shirts with the name of their town made more prominant, that would be an option).
Other people have mentioned tote bags or "all occasion/blank inside" greeting cards with artwork from the journals.
Also, we are trying to find the best way to make reproductions of the book available once the project is complete.
All of the items will be available *AT COST*. There will be no proceeds from this store.
I am currently looking for other ideas for merchandise, such as calendars, posters, mousepads, etc.
Let's brainstorm and come up with some great merchandise for the store :)

Posted at 1:56pm Mar 19, 2007 EDT


totemic says

It's my feeling that if there are reproductions made they should include all images in each book as a whole - otherwise it would kinda' destroy the idea behind the books...

I'd say have each book reproduced as a limited edition run, and also produce t-shirts with an array of 25 "thumbnail" images from each design. Maybe crop select portions of each image and lay them out on a 5 x 5 grid and on the back you could list the cities and artists who participated. So basically each t-shirt design would represent it's particular book (kind of a hint at it's content), and the book itself would be complete and spectacular.

You could even mail the printed pages to each artist before binding so we could autograph them - that way each book would be hand-signed by everyone in it! :)

Posted at 5:33am Mar 20, 2007 EDT

I love the signing idea. I'd love to be able to buy a copy of the finished book.

Ouissi x

Posted at 5:44am Mar 20, 2007 EDT

LittlePies says

Ooooh I can't wait to see all the ideas here! I don't currently have any ideas, but I would definitely be interested in purchasing a copy of the finished book.... if that were to become possible.

Posted at 7:33am Mar 20, 2007 EDT

DecadenceDesigns avatar
DecadenceDesigns says

I love the signing idea... The only issue is that we (Stellaloella and I) are talking about outsourcing the printing and binding of the book.... Let me see what she and I can come up with :)

Posted at 9:27am Mar 20, 2007 EDT

DecadenceDesigns avatar
DecadenceDesigns says

I had a chance to pose the signature idea to Stellaloella (Lauren) and this is what she said:
"It's not possible or practical to do the layout, print it, send it for signatures, send it back, scan it and make the book. That will degrade the quality horribly.

I'm hoping that people are signing the written companion journal so we can scan those signatures."

Also, I had been thinking about making the merchandise store a collaborative effort, as well. Totemic mentioned having a shirt with the thumbnails of each book's art. Is that something that you would be interested in designing for the store?
Would you be interested in submitting journal related items to the store (once the first 4 books have been completed)?
Thoughts? :)

Posted at 1:03pm Mar 20, 2007 EDT

Have you thought about iphoto books? I received one as a gift after I had been in a wedding... and they're not that expensive if you do paperback? You could easily include the journal information and the artwork.

And I'd be willing to help design or contribute to the store.

Posted at 1:12pm Mar 20, 2007 EDT

DecadenceDesigns avatar
DecadenceDesigns says

We will be doing the books in paperback, probably through lulu, but I will check out iphoto :)

Posted at 1:14pm Mar 20, 2007 EDT

Something that would be really easy to put together is a screensaver. I personally don't use them but many do. No shipping involved just a downloadable file after payment is made.

Posted at 1:20pm Mar 20, 2007 EDT