When are the new rules going into effect?

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Original Post

emckinstry says

I know originally it was April 1, obviously that's no longer the case, but did it say somewhere when the new rules would be final and in effect?

Thanks for pointing it out if I missed it somewhere.

Posted at 12:20pm Apr 1, 2007 EDT


I missed that as well ecminstry. When are they going into effect, anyone.

Posted at 12:20pm Apr 1, 2007 EDT

emckinstry says


Posted at 1:24pm Apr 1, 2007 EDT

I missed the 'new rules'. Can someone point me to the thread?

Posted at 1:29pm Apr 1, 2007 EDT

Good question.

Posted at 1:31pm Apr 1, 2007 EDT

beadbug says

Well, the 1st isn't over yet? Ya got me.

Posted at 1:33pm Apr 1, 2007 EDT

Pretty theory, see HERE: www.etsy.com/dosdonts.php

Posted at 1:35pm Apr 1, 2007 EDT

emckinstry says

I checked the last few blog posts re:the rules/contitution/dos'n'don'ts/whatever, no mention.

(Although there is an April Fools post. Hilarious. :^P)

Posted at 2:08pm Apr 1, 2007 EDT

lobsterlu says

I still haven't seen any email about the new Terms.

Posted at 2:23pm Apr 1, 2007 EDT

geelizzie says

Good question, I thought all of us were supposed to get an email regarding all this, too. So many sellers don't visit the forums regularly, how are they supposed to know what's up if they aren't told?

Posted at 2:34pm Apr 1, 2007 EDT